• Gripping gameplay
  • Exciting action
  • Free the butterflies!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 128
  • DiretX : 7.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 111

Review for game: Fluttabyes

Help free the butterflies in Fluttabyes! Create matches to earn a higher score and receive special bonuses in this fun Match 3 game! Create combos, link matches, and take on multiple modes in this exciting puzzle game. Use the special Rainbow Butterfly and Ladybird bonuses to blast through the different levels and succeed!


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Genre : Arcade & Action

Test your hand and eye skills with quick action and challenging levels.

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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Help free the butterflies in Fluttabyes! Create matches to earn a higher score and receive special bonuses in this fun Match 3 game!

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Fluttabyes game play Fluttabyes game play

A Good Game for Beginners or Young Players

While the graphics of this game are vivid, bright and beautiful, it is simply a match game and nothing more. Your goal is to make matches of four or more butterflies to help them ?escape?. There is a dried dandelion that loses its fluff as your timer winds down, and that?s really cute. You?re given the color of the butterfly you need to match next and when matches are made a child?s voice announces encouragements. This, along with the Reggie??? background music and whistling are enough to make you turn the sound off altogether! This game is great for those new to match 3 or younger players ? lots of practice. The butterflies ARE beautiful when they flutter up off the board and fly away.


Ummm...so I tried this M3 game because I've found that sometimes really fun games have really....interesting "?" names. Not in this case! This would be more aimed at a younger player, in my opinion. The different "flutterbyes" are pretty and colorful, but there was not really a storyline or end goal that you really WANT to achieve! When you do make a match, a child's VO tells you in breathless encouraging tones that it's a "match!" or "combo!"......yaay! But that's not really encouraging or cute in this case and is more annoying! I couldn't tell you whether there are great power-ups or anything because I was so irritated after about 30 minutes that I didn't finish the trial time. This will not be a buy for me even as a DD or WD! Please, as always, do try it for yourselves or better yet, try it when you have children or grandchildren playing with you!!

Suitable for children

Very colorful graphics. Intended for children good, but unfortunately not for me. The movements make me nervous. Everything is in motion that disturbs. Unfortunate, as the idea is good.

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