Happy Kingdom

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Dynamic, challenging gameplay
  • Thoughtful management content
  • A unique grade system
  • Renovate your childhood city!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 2.5 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 156

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Oh, how nice it is to rest from your boring work and to visit the place where you spent your childhood in Happy Kingdom! However, suddenly you find out that those places have been destroyed and abandoned. You will learn to be a smart manager and will feel how it is wonderful to renovate places you loved to visit as a child in this beautiful Time Management Game! Service your clients, earn and spend money wisely in order to accomplish your goals! Fix broken items, do different grades! Bring happiness and smiles to the town citizens and don’t forget about a smile for yourself!


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Genre : Time Management

Manage time, customers, and money in games for the serious goal-setter.

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Happy Kingdom
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Oh, how nice it is to rest from your boring work and to visit the place where you spent your childhood!

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Happy Kingdom game play Happy Kingdom game play

Very Cute TM Game!

I'll start off by saying that I rated this game a 5 only because I felt it had been judged harshly by some non TM fans. I really think it deserves a 4. Very cute game, excellent graphics, good storyline and overall fun! The only real drawback is that it has terrible directions. It took me a few levels to figure the whole thing out and that rarely happens to me in TM games. I think this is a fun game if you give it a chance. I purchased after my trial and I am really enjoying it. TM games are few and far between nowadays, so I hope you love it too! Enjoy.

A nice TM game, nice for the younger generation

Initially I downloaded this game for my wife, but my children also enjoy playing the game. The graphics are very nice and quite cute, the storyline isn't anything out of this world, but IMHO is perfect for children. You have to work hard and everything will workout just the way you want it to. For serious players this might not be too big of a challenge, but for beginners I would highly recommend it, at least you should try the free demo.

If you like TM at least give the demo a try

This review is based on the part one carnival. The storyline isn't anything we haven't seen and the graphics are lacking. However my hour demo time flew by. The gameplay itself is a lot of fun and I have to disagree with the lady before me in saying that the upgrades do not make a major difference. The longer I played the longer the levels got. I think each person should at least try the demo themselves to see if this game is for you since we all have different tastes.

Not so bad as other reviews

To be honest I cannot understand the negative reviews here, the game is quite challenging, the graphics are fantastic (especially loved the dog, nice touch). Storyline is a bit straightforward, but not too bad in comparison to other games. I tried the trial and went for the paid version, didn't regret it.

Good TM game

The storyline is interesting. The graphics is also nice! I found it pretty entertaining to play...


This game is a lot of fun! At first it appears to be easy, but as you play it draws you in. The pace of the game picks up as you play it and gets much harder. Some parts of the game are really challenging. The dog is funny! I enjoyed the game a lot and wished I had a pet dog like this!

Nice game to relax

The game is nice but a lil bit childish. Helps to relax and makes you go and buy some ice-cream =)

Not one of the best!

Story: You revisit your childhood home to find it run down and dilapidated and decide to fix it up. The first levels are set in an amusement park where you serve customers with drinks and ice creams to earn money for upgrades and opening new rides. It sounds great but sadly didn't live up to expectations, it's by no means a bad game but it just wasn't captivating enough to continue past the free hour. Upgrades were pretty boring and didn't really add to the game play and were too easy to come by. Opening new rides makes no difference as you earn no money from them. I have no idea if the game play improves on the next levels as I didn't get to them in the hour trial but for once I was not disappointed when the hour ended and had no desire to carry on. The graphics weren't very good and the voices of the characters were standard old school TM. Even if you love TM (which I do) you will probably still get bored with this one.

Just OK

This game reminded me a lot of a sub-par Burger Bustle. It's a cute concept but they just could have made it a lot better. I felt the instructions were somewhat vague and it just got a little boring once you bought the upgrades. Not a buy for me and I'm an avid TM fan

"Average Kid Game

I thought it was too young and childish...

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