Ice Cream Tycoon

  • Beautiful, bright graphics.
  • Own up to 4, upgradeable trucks.
  • Enthralling strategies.
Min System request
  • OS : Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7/8
  • CPU : 600MHz or faster Processor
  • Memory : 128

Review for game: Ice Cream Tycoon

Own and operate your own ice cream business, and try to become a millionaire mogul, a real tycoon! Start out with just a pushcart, a bell, and your choice of neighborhoods. Youll need to make the right decisions about which ice cream to stock and which neighborhoods to work in. Watch out for the health department and local bandits that all want a big piece of your ice cream pie! Get out there and make a million bucks and more in the ice cream business before your competition makes all of the cash in Ice Cream Tycoon.


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Ice Cream Tycoon
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Become top mogul of the ice cream business and make a million bucks and more by playing Ice Cream Tycoon!

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Ice Cream Tycoon game play Ice Cream Tycoon game play

Aaaaw, the Ice Cream!

This game is great! All day you get to use your entrepreneurial skills to serve your kiddie customers. Make sure you have enough of their favorite, upgrade your supplies and enjoy the beachfront and mostly sunny days, fun fun fun.

Fun, really fun

This is my review on Ice Cream Tycoon. The game is fun and a bit challenging. The storyline is the only downside (Other than the fact the guy moves slow and can't follow directions sometimes). Almost nothing is wrong with the quality. This game is not perfect, but it is still good. You should try it out if you have time.

ice cream game

the game that you can play for hours.its that fun for me at least.

Nice Little Combo of TM and Strategy

Your challenge in either easy or normal mode: sell those ice creams in four different neighborhoods, expand your line, upgrade your vehicles and equipment, and become a tycoon! Neighborhoods change weather and populations daily to make this a bit more interesting. This little game is a fun one if you like to buy and sell, while trying to figure out which flavor goes best in which area. This is not the most difficult TM game that I've ever played, but I like it because, once you get to a certain level, the time limits for the challenges get very reasonable, allowing you to win the game. Although this is not a new game, it is a great little game that has replay value. An interesting feature is, if you're getting antsy and don't want to control the vehicles through the neighborhoods, you can "skip" through the day and let the game take over. I don't really have any issues with the game - it's just a nice break from the constant mouse-clicking stressful games. Give it a shot!

Very hard and challenging

A good game, but it is so hard. I also didnt like having to start back at the beginning when I failed a mission. Other than that it is a great little tycoon game with some great features.

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