Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder

  • Find important clues
  • Interview suspects
  • Uncover a deeper conspiracy!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 800 Mhz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 7.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 114

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Help the famous Detective Croft solve the case of the Baker Street Murder, and uncover the conspiracy about the murder of her partner! Find clues and interview suspects in different locations that will keep you guessing! Bring justice to a murderer, and avenge your fallen partner. Use your Hidden Object skills to crack the case in Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder!


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Genre : Hidden Object

Spot hidden objects and solve puzzles and mysteries in lush, eye-catching scenes.

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Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Help Detective Croft solve the case of the Baker Street Murder and uncover the conspiracy about the murder of her partner!

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Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder game play Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder game play


A murder mystery where one has to uncover the conspiracy, a very chilly story. It makes you shiver, and question, who would do such a thing? The dialogue is a bit lengthy, and there are bunches of objects to look for . . . . but other than that it's a pleasant game.


A fine relaxing game, but not a visual masterpiece

Far too short

Very nice game - could be longer than just an hour...

Maybe just OK

This game is pretty much a straight HOG with a few puzzles. The hints charge in a moderate amount of time. It seemed each hog scene had at least one item so obscure it needed a hint to find. All in all, pretty much a boring game.

Over in the trial!

SHORT game. This can be completed within the hour trial! Easy HOG, easy puzzles. Nice little time killer. Graphics crude and elementary. Seriously, just buzz through the dialogue when you can, and no need to buy!


Amidst smoke and mirrors of other games, here is a plain and simple good HOG. This is an old-fashion murder mystery whodunnit. You are the Detective. The address? 221B Baker Street. Comparatively speaking the artistry does not compare with the more sophisticated big money games, but is EXCELLENT in its own right and is a game in its own category. Objects and mini-puzzles are very creative. This game is certainly worth a look see!

Short and ended somewhat abruptly

I'll talk about the good stuff first. :P I LOVED the art style. I like detective noir and the graphics were really evocative of that. The music was okay but did serve to enhance this atmosphere. The variation on sparkles that shows trails of stars instead was also cool. The dialogue is done in speech bubbles with the text in a cool old-school typewriter font--very cool! The story was also interesting as you interview people and compile a list of suspects and uncover hints of corruption. All that good crime mystery stuff. That was it for the good stuff. :( The game was REALLY short. And worse than that, it ended very abruptly. I'm okay with a short game (but not too short--preferably at least over 2.5 hours) if it's high quality, but this game seemed to end in the middle of the story. I was totally unprepared for that! This is more or less a straight HOG where you go from hidden object scene to hidden object scene. Scenes are junk piles with objects in illogical locations. They were reasonably fun to play through, though. There are very few puzzles and they're very easy. No adventure game elements (no inventory items, no true ability to move freely between locations). I wouldn't mind the average gameplay if there was a good story to go along with the amazing graphics, and I did like what there was of the story, but there just wasn't enough of it.

Short but fun

Fun little game - elementary graphics, but a lot of focus on hidden object scenes - and some fun mini-puzzles as well. The story is good but more of an outline than a story. Make sure to collect the bullets to open the bonus. It's more challenging than the game.

What has this got to do with Baket Street?

Jane Croft - 221b Baker Street - related to Sherlock Holmes surely....? But no sign that it's London at all, all US items in all the weirdest places with no correlation or thought as to why they are where they are! You collect things that have no bearing whatsoever on the case... but seem to amass clues anyway. The murder just seems to be a sideline to finding objects in various scenes. Disjointed - erratic and not worth the money.

WOW!!! good old fashioned HO game

I checked this game out today on the special and loved it! I dont know how I missed it when it first came out! Its a HO lovers delight! Good story and just a fun and relaxing game! Highly recommend checking it out!

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