Jennifer Wolf and the Mayan Relics

  • Historical locations
  • Varied soundtrack
  • Several unlockable mini-games
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 8.1
  • Hard driver (MB) : 211

Review for game: Jennifer Wolf and the Mayan Relics

Invited to join her father on an archaeological dig, Jennifer Wolf instead finds him missing. Play as Jennifer as she explores the ruins of the Maya civilization in search of her father. Collect precious Maya relics and uncover ancient secrets. Will you see your father again? Find out in Jennifer Wolf and the Mayan Relics!


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Genre : Puzzle

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Jennifer Wolf and the Mayan Relics
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What would adventure be, without the element of uncertainty? Play as Jennifer as she explores the ruins of the Maya civilization in search of her father.

AFERON - BigFishGames
Jennifer Wolf and the Mayan Relics game play Jennifer Wolf and the Mayan Relics game play

As old as the hills....

This game is like something from 10 years ago! Whilst I enjoy games where you are finding bits and bobs that are relevant in each scene rather than a load of junk, this game was just weird. You get some inventory items, but rather than being allowed to find them for yourself, a mysterious hand appears and shows you where they are and grabs them for you. To use the inventory items you click on one, and it does whatever for you so not really interactive. The chit chat is really irritating with drawn people and huge white boxes with the words in that seem to go on forever..and this recurs throughout the game. The graphics are really basic and grainy too. Not the worst game I've played, but by today's standards really boring. The puzzles were mainly jigsaws which I like. If it hadn't been for the awful dialogue I had to endure over and again, I would have got the game with a PCV just for old times sake!

Back to the Past!

i would actually rate this game at 2.5 Pros: music was not nerve wracking was kind of soothing graphics clear and drawn nicely mostly hos with a few puzzles thrown in EVERY scene is workable hos and puzzles cons: it also is a bit slow i am the impatient type :) no vo's cutouts that pop into the scene to "chat" which u have to read hos not what we have gotten use too the whole scene is one bit hos also 2 of this 3 of that get the idea -personal thoughts- this game is a throwback from like 5 years ago but that does not mean that you will not like it...especially if you like pretty much pure hog's it is not for me personally because i love the newer hoa's so i do recommend this game because ik there will be some out there who will really like this is also a great beginners game as well :)

Based on demo only...

Old fashioned way... liked the game very much. Simple HOG but funny. I finished free sample and immediately bought the game. I am curious to know how it will finish. I prefer classical HOG games and this one is interesting. Some objects are too difficult to find what obligates you to use hints, that I don?t like, but there is no way and there are many stars in the scenes that become hints. In resume is a good game and I recommend it for those who likes just have fun.

Different Strokes

Sometimes it is nice to have a simple HOG. This is a challenging game in that it has tiny things to find. However, the graphics are clear and there are no large spiders, snakes and EVIL in a black cloud. Some of us fishies find the creepy evil games to be boring. Just a different viewpoint. Glad Big Fish can give us all types of games. Thanks!

I hate it when my computer does this....

right in the middle of my review it will bounce me out and I have to start over again - maybe that's my computer's way of giving it's unsolicited opinion of this game too. It is October 2012 (why did BigFish have to bring out this dusty old game from the vault where misfit games that no one likes go to stay is beyond me) and Jennifer has gone at her father's request to join him on a Mayan dig that has to do with the finding of evidence of a Mayan Calendar that will not establish that 12/21/12 is the end of the world but a fifth cycle of the calendar and instead of destroying the world and leaving 2 people behind to repopulate as in previous cycles, this cycle the gods promised all this power to the humans - to do what? In any case, Jennifer arrives, dad's nowhere to be found but no one seems concerned yet and so she gets right to work dusting, digging and collecting relics with his assistant. Later they go to dad's tent to find him gone, a cryptic note left for Jennifer and his tent ransacked. Free trial ends. There are HOGs upon HOGs upon HOGs beginning at Jennifer's apartment and continuing to dig site. Some at the site are relatively easy to find the 5 teeth or 17 candles or whatever. Others are downright impossible because of the mish mash of trash (not literally) and the itty bittyness of the said items. Also, at the dig site - really - try to find upteen different kinds of snakes that can be waaaay in the distance or hiding behind trees. Then, you find your dad's secret site below ground in his tent and you have a flashlight to find 17 candles and more snakes - this is apparently snake friendly game so if you do buy it - you have my sympathies - be sure you are not afraid of snakes. Oh, and through all this you have 6 - count them - 6 hints that you may or may not be able to get back by collecting little almost invisible flowery things that pop up just enough to be barely visible. The pics are light and grainy, the subject matter relative to a time period we would not be interested in now

It's Doomsday for this game?

Jennifer and her Dad are archaeologist. Jen goes to Mexico to work with him and discovers he is missing. She finds out the news from dad's young, good looking male assistant.? TBC Primarily a HO / Puzzle game. The game mechanics take quite a bit of getting used to -- something you might find not worth your time or energy. I know I didn't. The graphics are colorful. The objects are not junk pile, they are hidden within full scenes. Some are tiny, but there is a close up feature. There is a hint feature, but you can run out of hints and earn more by solving puzzles. Some of the puzzles will test your brain, but the machinations required to use the tools will test your patience. If you choose to demo this, it won't take long for you to find out exactly what I'm saying. I quit after trying to solve the first jade jigsaw puzzle. cont.? Before Jen leaves for Mexico, it takes 2 HO scenes for her to pack. Once in Mexico, she uses a map to determine where to go (earn a hint for completing this simple task.) At the site, she offers to help the assistant with a few little things before they set off to look for dad. Six HO scenes later, she has dug up an ancient skeleton, collected samples including the poor fellow's teeth, hair, bits of cloth and a broken jade artifact. The assistant was of no help. Jen was tasked with piecing the artifact together.? Games from this dev often feel like spoofs. Sometimes the stories can be rather interesting. This one offers some real information about Mayan culture and the doomsday prophecy. Sometime the puzzles are rather clever. It's too bad the games are so unpleasant to play. Did Jen find her dad? Was he kidnapped by Mayan believers? Did Jen have a torrid love affair with the assistant? I guess I'll never know. The only mystery I can answer -- dad's concern; the world did not end on Dec. 21, 2012.

Lost in Mexico

The old Father went to Mexico on a Mayan exploration and has not been heard from since. The graphics are O.K.. Lots of reading , I realize some folks do not like that stuff. Puppets pop up from the left and right of the screen to establish the story and kind of go on and on. Each character has two facial expressions. Play with the magnifier on images you need to find are blurry or too small in regular screen mode.


boring. not much of a challenge.

old school

advisement: I've not finished the demo. I love Maya architecture, history, art, language, and culture, so I was excited to see a Mayan theme HOG/adventure game come up, even if it wasn't a CE. but boy, this is a disappointment. this game has all the hallmarks of having been released in the mid 1980s - no animation, all click-through text dialogue, fuzzy graphics, repetitive music, and other than geographical data, not much archaeological interest at all. the introduction indicates that this game is somehow connected with the "2012 Mayan Apocalypse" prediction, but I'd have bet my life that was an add-on for current release. nothing of interest here; move along.

Very outdated!

The game is an old fashioned HOS - no excitement, no challenges, nothing new! Various static scenes and you have to find different objects or several of the same. Stars are extra hints - they will popping up. The objects are so small that they provide a magnifying glass! Static shots and no VO. Dialogues are written, and you can not skip them - some are quite long! You can not skip tutorial. In every set is explained everything to be done - nothing challenging! Mini games are very easy, and in addition, has tutorial and practically the game play by itself. I could not stand playing more than 20 minutes. Very annoying!!

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