Jewel Match - Winter Wonderland

  • 150 levels.
  • 2 difficulty settings.
  • Relaxing holiday music.
Min System request
  • OS : Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7/8
  • CPU : 600MHz or faster Processor
  • Memory : 128

Review for game: Jewel Match - Winter Wonderland

This delightful matching game will have you aligning jewels and smashing ice boxes before you know it! Line up matching holiday jewels to break them out of their frozen boxes. The 150 levels and relaxing holiday soundtrack will keep you coming back. You'll have a hard time breaking this holiday habit!


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Genre : Puzzle

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Jewel Match - Winter Wonderland
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Align dazzling holidays jewels and break them out of their frozen boxes in this relaxing and mesmerizing matching game.

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Jewel Match - Winter Wonderland game play Jewel Match - Winter Wonderland game play


Dress Up

Really nice Holiday game.

Beautiful music and wonderful scenery. You can play relaxed or timed. I love that choice. Wish more games had that option.

a long game

this is a typical match 3 game with only one item to power up and it is has 2 levels. it is not particularly hard except for 2 or 3 levels and the forum can help you solve them. i didn't like it as much as the other jewel match games because i think the graphics are incredible in the other ones. this is just usual ones. the music, which i seldom listen to but i did a few times with this one, is different christmas songs, but that can be expected since it is a christmas themed match 3. took me almost 21 hours to finish. that was on the casual (untimed) game. i didn't know it kept the time. no biggie.

Don't judge this game by its cover.

Pros: fast action, challenging boards, timed/untimed options Cons: dark, dreary graphics, nice but repetitive soundtrack, sound effects At first glance, Jewel Match Winter Wonderland didn't grab me right away due to its dark backgrounds and ho-hum looking holiday ornaments in place of the brightly colored Jewel Match jewels. But I took a chance on it anyway and found that it's quite challenging, which I enjoy in M3s. The game play is swap M3 and the object is to clear all the covered tiles from the board. Moves can be made all the time, and there is no storyline in between boards, so this is a fast playing M3. The common M3 obstacles of chains, double match tiles, and tight spots to reach on boards are here, and there are occasional bombs and snowballs to assist you. The real challenge? Some boards are designed with tricky spaces that either go empty or never fill up...and the player has to figure out how to clear these spaces in order to keep advancing. I really enjoyed solving those boards, but be forewarned, you'll have to plan ahead and think a bit outside of the box to get the solutions. There are 150 levels and the choice to play either timed or untimed. I only played the timed mode, but it appears that untimed mode can be toggled on and off during the game from the main menu. The timer is fairly aggressive for most of the game and is even demanding on some of the "trick" boards. There is the option to buy time in exchange for a life, and fortunately extra lives did not seem to be hard to come by. The soundtrack is soothing holiday music, which I liked, but because of the game length and limited song variety, got tiresome to listen to after 40-50 levels. Aside from the previously mentioned graphics that don't quite evoke a warm holiday spirit due to their lack of contrast, I also wish that the developer had not used the "crashing glass" effect for matches. Go fast enough with the moves and it sounds like the proverbial bull in a china shop. It's not t

Nice little game to chill out with on a hot summer day

Having just completed Jewel Match 2 (Good original power-ups but rather colourless castles to build), I thought I'd try this. It's a very basic jewel match game - only a Hammer power-up apart from those generated on the board, and nothing to build or any mini games, but I like it. The subdued winter backgrounds are a good contrast to the jewel boards. Perhaps most holiday themed games are more appreciated at the opposite time of year?

I won't be buying this one...

... and this from someone who has ALL the other Jewel match games! I was looking for a nice Holiday game, but this wasn't it! I was so disappointed with this one. Yes it's a typical Match3, with power ups and all... that isn't the problem. I was very disappointed in the darkness of the whole screen. Between that and the ugly ornaments they give you to match, I was completely turned off. Previous Jewel Match games have all had a light background and pretty jewels to make matches. It's a real shame they didn't do this game similarly, with pretty holiday backgrounds. I love Christmas carols... but for some reason I found the music in this to be more annoying than relaxing. I was so looking forward to recommending this game, especially since it's the holiday season. Unfortunately, I won't even recommend it as a Daily Deal.

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