Jigsaw Boom 2

  • Custom puzzle piece styles
  • Relaxing ambient sound
  • Awesome art style
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 68

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Continue the jigsaw puzzle fun in Jigsaw Boom 2! Choose from a collection of unique, high quality pictures to piece together anywhere from 12 to 850 pieces. Choose your own level of difficulty to match any mood and allow yourself to be taken to any number of beautiful locations in this wonderful, replayable puzzle game!


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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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Jigsaw Boom 2
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Continue the jigsaw puzzle fun in Jigsaw Boom 2 as you piece together wonderful high quality pictures.

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Jigsaw Boom 2 game play Jigsaw Boom 2 game play

Relaxing hours of gameplay

Really nice pictures definetly not from creepy merchandise photobank. Feel yourself like a "camera man" who is exploring US. I dont really play on "hard level". For me Jigsaw is relaxing time spending. This one is perfect for it.

one of the greatest games

I love Jig-Saw Game and this one of the best, great gameplay and it kept me thinking throuth the game Sry for repeating game all the time

A nice change of pace

I liked this game for several reasons. For one, I enjoy jigsaw puzzles and I like the fact that you could start by having only the end pieces on the screen. Then you could hit the sort button which was only slightly helpful. I also like choosing how many pieces. You could also select the style of the pieces. The pictures are ok but I would have liked to pull in my own. If you like jigsaw puzzles and just want to chill then this is a decent game.

Puzzled Puzzler - Piece size is adjustable! Demo it yourself & see.

Don't overlook this game based solely on other reports of miniscule piece size... Puzzle size is variable and choices include: a Magnifier, Borders, Sorting, Achievements / Awards etc. - Everything a puzzle fan could want plus even more! The only slight detracting factor could be picture selection (of which only a small minority are a bit dark & not the picture perfect quality you should be able to expect from a game of this sort) but this game is far from an immediate "Pass" other reviewers have suggested. I don't often take the time to write up a review but felt compelled to even the odds a bit which have been skewed with mistaken impressions. Don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings (but anyone can be mistaken) ;-] If you enjoy puzzling give it a try & decide for yourself!

These are puzzles people

Geeish I do not know what that first person was talking about, I thought that this was the place to "rate" a game, not write a novel about it. Anyway, this is a good puzzle game, puzzle people will really like this game, of course the more pieces the smaller they are. But if you just want to relax and put your "troubles" aside you will like doing these. Its been awhile since Ive done puzzles and I put them together pretty quick, I believe it is my "HO's" talent that help me find the pieces so quickly. The visuals are good. I do not listen to music playing any games so I cannot rate that. You have a lot of puzzles to choose from so have fun and please make up your own mind.

PLEASE demo first if you enjoy larger puzzles, they are teeny tiny pieces

JigSaw Boom 2 New release Nov 5, 2012 puzzles from 9-660 pieces Claims that you can choose your own difficulty by choosing puzzles according to the number of pieces. Soothing music though a bit boring but at least not obnoxious, though the sound as you successfully place each piece is unnecessary & can be distracting while calmly zoning off while doing a puzzle. Game requires 68MB hard drive and 512 MB RAM Categories 7 types of Trophies, Top Players & their score, Best Scores shows picture of puzzle, score, number of pieces & time required Modify allows you to choose a puzzle & alter it in rotation & +/- number of piece Options is the gear symbol music & sounds have slider adjustment and cursor and fasten pieces to table can be checked on or off. Resolution & credits can also be chosen. Trophies Meditation- 1,5,10,50 hours of play Puzzle Solver- joining 10,100,1000,10000 &1 million pieces Jig Saw Expert -for 10,000; 100,000 & 1 million points Patience Solver- solving puzzles of 10,100,500,1000 pieces Master of Jig Saw- solving a puzzle of at least 200 pieces w/o hints, sorting or pocket Inconsistency- for solving 1,5,10,20 different puzzles Sage- joining 5,10,15,30,50,100 pieces w/o mistakes Game opens to an album of puzzles to choose from Box1, had 8pgs of 8 puzzles(64puzzles) ranging from 12-330 pieces Box2, had 63 puzzles from 12-660 pieces Box3, had 51 puzzles from 9-456 pieces Box4, had 46 puzzles from 12- 228 pieces Unknown if the purchased version will have any other pictures, it does not appear so. Puzzles were ocean scenes landscape and some city sites and what looked like a view of pictures from a zoo. I was not impressed with the pictures viewed, as there should have been a greater variety showing close ups and lots of color and texture evident in the pictures. I would have liked clear beautiful shots that would keep me interested

Could have been a good game

I love doing puzzles. This could have been a good game but the pieces are so small you cannot see them.

No variety

I downloaded this to take a look at it. The first thing I did was take a look at available puzzles. Many of them looked the same plus most of them didn't have a lot of colour. I was so uninspired I didn't even bother trying to do one. This may be the poorest compilation of jigsaw puzzles I have ever seen.

Brain Teaser?

I really like doing Jigsaws and loved the last one BUT This one is a disaster. The chosen pictures are very uninteresting. Most of them are far too small (100 pieces and under). Hated the 'star' when you click on a piece. When I tried to put something into the 'box' top left it just went behind the box. No way to modify the puzzles. All in all a great disappointment. Hoping for better next time.

Can we say boring boys and girls?

I love doing puzzles, but this has to be the most boring I've ever played. The music will put you to sleep. You can choose what size the pieces are. So you can choose how hard you want the puzzle to be. This is like most puzzle games, just more boring. Did I mention it was boring? Nuff said.

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