Kaptain Brawe - Episode II

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  • Incredible action
  • Team up with Kaptain Brawe!
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Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 1.8 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 133

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Team up with Kaptain Brawe for a brand new adventure in Episode 2! Journey to space and save the day as a Space Police Officer! Battle wicked Space Pirates and protect the innocent as you journey across the galaxy solving mysteries and completing incredible quests. Dive into this awesome Adventure game and become the hero of a beautiful hand-drawn world!


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Genre : Puzzle

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Kaptain Brawe - Episode II
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Team up with Kaptain Brawe for a brand new adventure in Episode 2! Journey to space and save the day as a Space Police Officer!

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Kaptain Brawe - Episode II game play Kaptain Brawe - Episode II game play


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Brought me back to when I first started computer gaming

I played a sililar game to this when comps first became house hold items and it was the best fun. a great sence of humor and a good plot withour being too easy. Recommended for those who like to laugh at themselves.. Thank you and more please...


Like the first episode, there is no voice over, just reading with music. Unlike the first, this one lacked humor. Most games are more interesting when you have the ability to play more than one character, but this became tedious. Not knowing who was supposed to do what, had me jumping between characters, running all over, and relying heavily on the walkthrough. The only factor in its favor is that it's a pleasant change from the macabre.

Kaptain Brawe 1 & 2 : Short but Fun :-)

For fans of adventure game, its gonna brings you some good moments. Funny characters, good graphics (cartoon style), humor and a good story for this one. You could choose over 2 modes : one has many hints and less monologue (easier). I play the second : hardcore and I enjoy it. You have to take your time to learn the gameplay and think of some actions like to combine objects in the inventory or exchange things from a character to another. The series is short. It takes me about 5 hours and i took my time (read everything). But, aside the length, it is a very fun game ! Hope they made a third or at least another Brawe Adventure ! Note : 1) Both games are connected so it's better to play the first one ! 2) HOPA (hidden-object-puzzle-adventure) players may find this kind of game hard : no oc, no puzzle just the old fashion way ; o)

Now we're talking - second episode is more fun

While the second episode of Kaptain Brawe suffers from some of the same weaknesses of the first episode I found it to be more fun to play because most of the story development happens in the this episode, it has a proper ending and perhaps most importantly I preferred the new playable characters that were introduced to Kaptain Brawe himself. In my review of the first episode I said I found the humour more silly than fun. I found the humour in the second episode to be more to my taste, in particular I think because Kaptain Brawe himself, who contributed most of the silliness is now only one of several playable characters. The second episode also had some more serious parts without any attempts at humour. The level of challenge is roughly the same as in the first epsidoe, with some really easy puzzles and some tricky ones. There story gets moving right from early on in this episodes, unlike in the first episode where not that much happened, and it reaches a proper conclusion at the end of the episode. Overall I found the second episode of Kaptain Brawe to be enjoyable enough that I would recommend it to anyone who likes adventure games. It is independent enough of the first episode that it is playable on it's own or of course together with the first episode to experience the full game.

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