King's Legacy

  • Build cities and castles
  • Learn magical spells
  • Build your own kingdom!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 106

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Build your very own medieval kingdom and protect your people, explore, trade, gather resources, learn magic and spells in King's Legacy, a fun Simulation game. After the fair king passes away, a new prince must step up and bring prosperity to his kingdom. Take the throne and fulfill your destiny! Defeat the incoming threats and keep your citizens safe from storms, ghosts, and more in King’s Legacy!


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Genre : Time Management

Manage time, customers, and money in games for the serious goal-setter.

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King's Legacy
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Build your medieval kingdom and protect your people, explore, trade, gather resources, learn magic and spells in King's Legacy!

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King's Legacy game play King's Legacy game play

(MAC OS X) Slow + complicated

unclear interface clumsy movement slow in switching screens NOTE: This is on a MAX OS X 10.6

BAD game play!

I tried this game on here and another site. BOTH of them worked horribly. Tried two different browsers. The movement is not good and had to make a spell and couldnt find ingredients available. Also three times it froze on a particular screen and wouldnt move my king around to search for wood or stuff to make the spells. Had to shut the game down four times. SO not worth it. Looks like it would be fun if it ran correctly.

Last Achievement

Really enjoyed this game, but when i got to the last Achievement i was very disappointed, checked the forums and no fix .

Looked nice...

The basic story is that a king passed away (or rather killed) who was kind and kept the land prosperous. The king's brother takes over and leads the land to ruin. The deceased king's son is taken away by a knight and raised until he is old enough to bring peace and prosperity back to the land by challenging his uncle. This is like any other TM game where you build farms, resources, houses, etc... Pretty standard. The graphics are actually pretty cute. Gameplay is awful. You can only point and click to make the character walk. Which if you need to get to the other side of the screen is painstaking. Basically, click, wait for character to move to said spot, click, and rinse and repeat. Building is easy. You just click on an available designated spot and click on the building you want. Picking up items was a pain too as you would click and the character would over shoot the item which resulted in clicking a couple more times just to get 2 gold for example. And sometimes the character wouldn't move towards the object even though the item was obviously highlighted. I didn't pay attention to the music as I turn it off since I play late at night and don't want to disturb anyone. I only played 5 mins of the game before getting frustrated by the point, click and wait and the missed items. It has potential if you could side scroll when the cursor touches the sides of your screen and picking up items should be easier. Don't waste your time with this one. There are plenty of other games, even if the graphics aren't the best, that are better with this type of gameplay.

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