Legend of Fae

  • Stop the evil Fae
  • Save Sea Scross Island
  • Help Claudia find her uncle!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/Win7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 80

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After her peaceful island is invaded by strange creatures, Claudia must find her uncle in Legend of Fae, an incredible Match 3 game! The Fae are wreaking havoc and causing all kinds of chaos on Sea Cross Island and must be stopped! Four elementals approach Claudia and she discovers that she is actually a sorceress! Set off on an amazing adventure as you help Claudia battle her way to the mysterious Faery Gates in Legend of Fae!


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Genre : Match 3

Match or swap items into groups of 3 or more in wild and colorful settings.

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Legend of Fae
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Game Description:

After her peaceful island is invaded by strange creatures, Claudia must find her uncle in Legend of Fae, an incredible Match 3 game!

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Legend of Fae game play Legend of Fae game play

Easy to Grasp, Easy to Enjoy

I always like a good challenge, and this game gave it to me. It was also everything I wanted. The Match 3 aspect of the game fit in perfectly with the RPG aspect. The orbs one has to match is how the character interacts with her powers. I thought the side matching made the game a bit more challenging, especially in the later levels. What I don't understand is people's complaints with the graphics. I believe they were done that way intentionally. I buy a bunch of new games that have "retro"-styled graphics. I thought that added to the charm. A nice mesh up between Mario Super Bro's for the SNES and turned based RPGs like Final Fantasy. The story line is also rather charming. It's got that trope worthy Anime story plotline, where the hero/herione has got to save the day! And looking at the art style, and character design, Japanese animation appears to have been a most obvious influence. I hope this little gem becomes an indie game classic.

More fun than I expected!

I thought it was going to be a semi-boring little match 3 game with a cute little story--and to a degree it is--but what I wasn't expecting was the old school RPG element (think Secret of Mana here people). Totally unexpected but pleasantly surprising! As soon as the hour trial ran out, I bought it!

An Accidental Mystery

Fae has many good elements such as the spell building, healing during battle but directions and understanding how to get the best effects are mysteriously garbled even in the help panels. The speed of battle is also a possible problem as there's no time to plan or get the elements needed at a particular moment. All this notwithstanding, the game somehow draws you in and you want to try just one more replay battle. A good take on mach 3 but too coplicated for it's own good. Try it and see if it puzzles you too.

Great Game

It seems this game isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I love it. It's a match-3 game but the mechanics are different than what people are used to, since you're limited to side-to-side movement only. It's part match-3 and part role-playing game. You collect various elements for spells and whatnot, then use those against your enemies in order to win a level. I love the storyline and I found the graphics to be very cute.

Challenging blend of RPG action and M3 game

You have gather mode (M-3) and attack mode. There are four main elemental powers - fire, wind, water and earth - and each has a strength and a weakness against another type of element power. Obvious example: water works against a fire strenghened foe . There are many combinations and Claudia (your adventurer) has friendly creatures with powers that help her in her quests and enemies with powers so, the combinations to win battles can get complex. I love the story and the graphics which sort of reminds me of Bookworm Adventures. Very long game.

Fun but Clunky

I enjoyed the story line and that there is more to this game than just match three. The adventure and fighting make it very interesting; however, the way it is designed to move between match three and fighting is quite awkward. I will probably buy this game for the story but not until it goes on sale.

Match 3 With A Twist.

This is a very interesting twist on the usual "Match 3" genre. It has an RPG feel about it that I really liked. Good story, leveling up, and targeting creatures makes this a fun game to play. May not be for everyone, but definitely worth an hour of your time to try. Great visual appeal and nice music, too.

Enjoyably different

It was a refreshing change to play this game as most seem to be hidden object ones. Its was a little like playing two games in one. So far I have only played the 1 hr demo but will definitely be buying the full game.

Poor graphics

The game reminds me of something from the early days of game design. Graphics are really poor and seem out of focus, including the font. The matching game is strange: you match only horizontally within a bracket. The game has some interesting story and game play ideas, but it needs a lot more work to match the standards of other Big Fish games. I'm surprised Big Fish even offered it as a release.

Strangely new style match 3 game

Just didn't enjoy playing it. Yes, it was unique in that you fought enemies, but didn't enjoy the match 3 part, and it ran slow, and didn't seem to go anywhere fast enough. Would not buy.

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