Magicville: Art of Magic

  • Gripping gameplay
  • Powerful spells
  • Save Fogmere from evil!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 800 Mhz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 186

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In the shadow of Spellgarth Castle lies the sleepy hamlet of Magicville in the heart of the Fogmere Archipelago. Long banished from Fogmere for the practice of dark magic, an evil wizard now holds the kingdom under a reign of darkness. With the help of Tiana, the faerie queen, only Eldric can restore peace to this troubled land. Use your Match 3 skills as you journey across extraordinary lands and release Fogmere from its evil rule before it’s too late in Magicville: Art of Magic.


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Genre : Arcade & Action

Test your hand and eye skills with quick action and challenging levels.

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Magicville: Art of Magic
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

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Long banished from Fogmere for the practice of dark magic, an evil wizard now holds the kingdom under a reign of darkness!

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Magicville: Art of Magic game play Magicville: Art of Magic game play



A Good M3 Adventure

Magicville: Art of Magic in untimed adventure mode is relaxing Match 3 game play. The graphics are clearly defined, and the music is soothing to me. I didn?t find the subdued color palette ?dark? or somber, simply soothing to the eyes. I?ve played about 25 minutes of the demo and plan to purchase as a DD. Observations are as follows: ? The load time for the M3 screens is a bit slow, but there is a loading bar that runs across the bottom of the screen that looks a bit like a sideways shooting star for the 3 seconds it takes the game to load the next screen. Nice touch. ? I haven?t gotten too far, but the 3 mini-games encountered were pleasant (I plan to skip the pipe puzzles should they appear as I detest those; fortunately, thanks to the responsiveness of the developer, the skip button is now included in the game), and I completed them with no trouble. Hints were even available for these puzzles. ? I particularly enjoy the fact that the items discovered upon completion of a board have been used in the mini-games, and the ?use,? ?look,? mode is indeed reminiscent of the style of my much-loved parser-based adventure games of the 90s. ? The M3 boards are small (so far) and easily cleared. I?m tempted to start a timed game (smile). ? This game is a buy for me at $3.


I did not find this game very interesting

For beginners only

This is an adventure match3 game with an extremely lame story; not worth watching. The graphics are average or below. The cut scenes are average. The M3 game play varies from easy to very difficult and is generally boring due to the lack of power ups. There are ?spells? that are similar to power ups, but they work very slowly and are of little use. I got to around 9200 coins before I started buying spells and then used only a couple of them with little success. The M3 game play was straight forward and not nearly as interesting as most M3 games because of the missing power ups. The puzzles were repetitive and not challenging. I hit skip immediately on all but the plumbing ones, simply because the plumbing puzzles, while easy, were rather neat to watch. Good beginner game but not recommended for anyone with experience.

Magicville: Art of Magic

I could not take more than 18 minutes of the demo. Very boring--not much imagination here and the "use" function of the items was appalling. I would not take this game even if it was free. Sorry.

Match 3 with Extras

Good match 3 game with interesting side plots.

short, but then too long

Starts off easy, but power ups are either too expensive, or there's not enough gold, depends on how you look at it. Harder levels took me up to half an hour to play. Average story, but great graphics.


This game was not apt even for a 3 year old who would probably find it extremely boring. The puzzles were tedious and not challenging at all. Really hated it!

The puzzles are better than the Match 3 gameplay

I got this game because it was a DD and I liked the idea of a Match 3 game as a medieval fantasy adventure. There are a variety of puzzles mixed in with the Match 3 boards and a very basic adventure game element which consists of talking to characters you encounter along the way and figuring out what inventory item to give them. The M3 gameplay isn't going to be exciting for M3 fans. Making combos or 4-5 of a kind doesn't seem to give any discernible benefit; no special items created like bombs or row/column destroyers. You can buy spells using money earned from playing levels that function like these power ups, though, and I needed them for later levels to clear the last few required tiles. Some of the tiles are locked, double-locked or triple-locked, but other than that, the levels are very basic. There's no variety e.g. selecting hexagons instead of square tiles, or finding matches by highlighting "chains" or clicking on groups of the same tile. It's just the basic M3 gameplay of swapping tiles to make 3 or more in a row. M3 is a pretty zen/brainless thing for me so I didn't mind this. There are also about 5-6 different types of puzzles that recur throughout at the game. You have common types like fitting gears together, rotating pipe pieces to form a path, one like Alchemy, etc. but they increase in difficulty as you get to the end of the game and I had to retry some of them a few times. They were a surprisingly decent challenge! I also enjoyed the final puzzle which was a variation on changing the angle of mirrors to direct light to a certain spot. You have to complete a few levels within a certain amount of time and failing means you have to start all over. I enjoyed the challenge of the time limit and it was satisfying to complete it. All puzzles can be skipped, so if you don't like them you don't have to play. The graphics look outdated. A lot of the creatures and items in the game seem to be made of low-polygon 3D models with low-res graphics. The backgrounds are

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