Mother Nature

  • Free the other fairies
  • Destroy the devilish weeds
  • Stop the Spirit of Gloom!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/Win7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 67

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Help Autumn rescue her fairy friends and stop the Spirit of Gloom in Mother Nature, an exciting Strategy game! Destroy the plants that the evil spirit has left and replace them with peaceful flowers that dissipate the gloom. Restore the forest and rescue the cute critters that are being tormented by the polluting plants and save the day! Pick up trash, dig up the weeds, and save the other fairies in Mother Nature!


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Genre : Strategy

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Mother Nature
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Help Autumn rescue her fairy friends and stop the Spirit of Gloom in Mother Nature, an exciting Strategy game!

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A relaxed game requiring some strategy and imagination.

Don't let the negative reviews scare you off. This is the type of game I like to play when I want to relax and do some simple strategizing (without being under pressure to hurry up and beat a time deadline). It also requires a little bit of imagination--or perhaps just a little bit of "outside the box" thinking. How many beehives do I need in order to avoid doing all the watering myself? How many coin-producing flowers do I need in order to keep buying better plants and "tools" (such as a "good" raccoon that picks up garbage)? What mix of plants and animals works best to clear different areas? Which areas do I choose to dig up all the plants (so I do not need to go back there while I am busy clearing new areas) and which do I choose to make my coin-producing gardens? I REALLY LIKE being able to make these types of decisions without being under a lot of pressure. Also, there is a slight bit of mystery the first time through the game. After rebuilding the sanctuary, you get to rebuild a bridge. When I got to that point, I found myself wondering: What comes next after the bridge? Finally, I can make cool-looking layouts by digging up and replanting areas I had originally planted some other way in order to clear them. I really enjoy designing nice-looking garden layouts (which include some of the "good" animals) to fit the given geographic restraints found in different areas. This part is, of course, up to your own imagination. It also depends on how many plants and animals you have unlocked at the point you decide to design a layout. (This is also where some "out of the box" thinking comes in, as this may or may not be what the game designers had in mind when they created the game.) So, for letting me fiddle around with figuring out what works best to clear different areas (different approaches definitely work better than others for different areas) AND for giving me a chance to dig up, re-design and plant my own layouts in a variety of given

Boring and repetitive!

Colourful graphics, cute fairies, nice garden ... but... What a annoying game! Running, digging, planting and watering flowers ... incessantly! The sound is too boring ... like alittle bell that does not stop, and background music that seems suspense!?!?!?! What is this?? Not matches! Sorry, but I can't recommend...Half an hour was already lot of wasted time!

Fun and different

This game is really fun and enjoyably. It breaks the mold and really draws you into it. I played for hours not even realizing how much time had past.

Fun Unique Game

Mother nature is fun and a bit addictive. It has a new storyline from any other game I have played. The artwork is great. I like how the game develops as you play it. Fighting Lightening was fun. I would recommend it :)

Great for Younger Kids

This is a perfect game for anyone who wants to introduce a young child to some form of time management / the very beginnings of what makes an RTS-type game. The graphics and music are truly lovely and feel "gentle" enough that when the challenge level increases it doesn't make you feel more stressed out then necessary. The story is really lackluster, but I believe that if someone enjoys the overall gaming experience then they can look past it. I recommend this game mostly for child under 10-years old, though as a 25-year old adult I found it to still be enjoyable for the one hour demo run. If I knew a young person to gift this to, I would as a way to introduce them to a "new" (new for them) style of gameplay.

I liked it!

The story line is pretty simple: You are a little fairy working for mother nature. In order to provide natural balance you have to plant flowers and bushes next to bad plants. Also you have to drive away bad animals. The landscape is nicely drawn. Although I only played the 1 hour test version I really liked it. Of course it's not a very action filled, fast paced game but it's nice to chill and relax a little. I recommend the game to children also.

It was OK

The game was okay...might have needed a little explination on what to do but not a bad game not a great game either

Nice, Relaxing Game

Sometimes I just don't want to play a pulse-pounding, race-against-the-clock kind of game--I just want to chill. This is that type of game. Yes, it's repetitive. It's a nice, inoffensive little game that has no pressure--and sometimes that's enough. And remember: one person's boring is another person's relaxing!

Really Cute

Granted this isn't the best game out there but it's not the worst. I thought the game was very colorful and it's a nice relaxing game it's not stressful at all you don't feel like you have to run around like a chicken with your head cut off to beat a timer. The tutorial wasn't good but the game isn't so hard that you can't figure out what's going on. The little fairies are really cute and your restoring the land cleaning up the nasty stuff and planting new and pretty flowers and repairing gazebo's, and bridges and getting rid of the gloom. Really cute game that isn't hard or stressful I'm really enjoying it. It's a little bit different and I like that.

Strangely addictive

I saw there were a lot of negative reviews for this game, but there were a few positive and the graphics looked cute so I decided to try it anyway. It's true that the tutorial isn't good- it shows you where to click for a sequence of events and you are supposed to figure out that those are the basic moves. It's also true that the plot isn't great and it's a slow game. Despite all this, I found it strangely addictive. I had to buy it after the trial was up because I wanted to keep playing. It is satisfying to see the bad plants shrink and turn black as you grow flowers. I liked creating little money farms of white flowers so I could get a lot of money when I visited. The beehives are wonderful! You could never get through the game without their ability to keep your plants watered. The game is flawed. I got stuck several times when the plot wouldn't advance and you couldn't figure out why. Usually the map shows shadowed areas when you have bad areas that need cleansing. When there are no shadows and you can't advance, you have to search each area yourself to find something wrong- usually a bad animal that needs chasing. I also had animals get stuck and sometimes you have to grow a lot of good animals before one of them will finally chase a bad animal. Despite the flaws, I still enjoyed the game enough to play through again on the hardest level. Growing the flowers and managing your money is fun. And the game is completely different from anything else I've played on Big Fish. It's worth a trial to see if you enjoy it too.

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