Nocturnal: Boston Nightfall

  • Ominous storyline
  • Intense, shadowy gameplays
  • Answer the call of the night!
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Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 600 Mhz
  • Memory : 128
  • DiretX : 6.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 158

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Play as recently deceased Claire unraveling the secrets of her undead powers in this shadow-soaked Hidden Object game! Solve elaborate puzzles on your path to becoming a Nocturnal or Brethren. Quickly seek out mystical hidden objects to enhance your eldritch powers! The night is beckoning, will you answer? Step into the shadows with Nocturnal: Boston Nightfall !


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Genre : Puzzle

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Nocturnal: Boston Nightfall
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Game Description:

Play as recently deceased Claire unraveling the secrets of her undead powers in this shadow-soaked Hidden Object game!

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Nocturnal: Boston Nightfall game play Nocturnal: Boston Nightfall game play

Beginner's Game At Best

I just replayed this game. I have to admit my game skills have improved since I bought this game a couple of years ago. It is repetitious and not that hard but good for picking away at when you aren't up for something more challenging. It would be good for a new player looking to learn HOG's.

Crude comic book style, wishes it was hip. Meh.

The story is convoluted and only comes out in drips and drabs, so you start out with no idea what's going on. After playing a bit, this only gets marginally better. Characters are very shallow and the romance is forced. The nightclub scenes and disco-dolly outfits try to adopt an edgy, hip flavor but don't succeed. The drawing is so crude that characters aren't really recognizable from one comic book-style panel to the next. You can gain hints through game play, and rack up quite a few. The game play is only so-so. The hidden object scenes are a complete mess, and not that much fun. Buy it on sale, if at all.

Edgy Vampire Story

BASED ON FULL DEMO FIRST IMPRESSIONS I really love the way this game looks at the opening shots, Boston at nightfall, impressionist-style. Unfortunately, the quality of the graphics and the simplistic gameplay kill any lingering affection for this game. SIGHTS & SOUNDS This game was released in 2008, so you?d expect something primitive, and it is. The graphics are awful, and are reason enough to uninstall it. The music was the really great part. It had an edgy, urban feel about it, which complemented the locations perfectly. It is the true source of the delightful atmosphere of this game. WHAT?S HAPPENING The story unfolds through the use of graphic novel style art, with speech balloons. It works okay. This vampire story has our heroine, recently infected, fighting to gather the essence needed by all vampires to survive as ?Nocturnals? i.e. being able to feed off something other than humans. If she does not, she will lose her immortality and/or enter an eternal sleep. MAKING PROGRESS This is where the game disappoints. Despite the bad graphics, I would have enjoyed this game with decent gameplay. What we get is, read a page of graphic-novel story. Enter HOP scene and find the listed objects.Complete a mini-game (Mastermind, if you remember it), the same one each break, with increasing difficulty. There is no ?here? outside HOP scenes, which are junk piled and hard to see properly. FAMOUS LAST WORDS Atmosphere is the best thing about this game. It would be great to see someone do something similar, with all the advantages of today?s technology.

Go To Sleep Instead

Realizing that hidden object games have really developed since this game was released, at the end of the day, it's still pretty bad. The vampire storyline is the best thing this game has going for it, and it is well done...playing through to the end, your only reward will be the twist ending. As to gameplay, where to begin? You'll be doing a bunch of hidden object scenes (including some of real places, which was a nice touch# and they are junkpile style. Objects will be sized randomly, so you'll find the Statue of Liberty and a hairpin at the same size, which is disconcerting and rather silly. You'll have little difficulty completing these scenes in the time allotted, particularly since chaining several items in a row will result in a time bonus. In addition to that, you'll play three simple minigames that are all pretty bad. One is a matching game, one is a "Simon" type color puzzle, and the other is picking colors in sequence. None of them are hard, and it wouldn't matter anyway since you'll have a stockpile of hints just from completing the standard HO scenes. Fortunately, you can skip them #and not bother collecting hints#, as they are all too frequent and completely monotonous. They simply exist to draw out the game. Sound is rather techno and grating; it wasn't the worst I've heard but nothing to write home about. Cutscenes are storyboarded comic-style. You'll get a lot of them; this game plays more like a Twilight graphic novel. Good idea, but terrible execution. In addition, not scary at all considering the subject matter. You'll wish you were asleep.

Its my favorite game

The game starts off with a Gothic feel and graphics that help set the mood. Each level was beautifully designed so that each time you replay it you are not redoing the same search list but instead there are many different objects that you may be asked to find. Also there is a 4 minute time limit per stage adding a nice challenge. When looking for an object you must think about it in every way you can be cause they made it so you may be looking for one thing but you would of never of guessed it looked differently like finding a bat can mean an animal or a sport tool. The objects are placed in a surreal way making you look i can say honestly that this is my favorite game yet in any console or genre i have beat the game over 6 times and still play.

Let them stay in the dark

Too much reading and really boring. I didn't even complete it.


Good but short game ? about 3 ? hours. You can select timed or untimed. Timed gave me plenty of time to finish each HO. I tried not finishing a timed screen in time to see what would happen ? you are apparently doomed, because you?re taken back to the main menu. Replayable - items are always different. The cutscenes and story are in the form of comic strips and the story is rather interesting and you can click it as fast as you read. A nocturnal (night creature who lives forever but in the dark) and a brethren (a vampire who feeds on humans) are fighting over you, as a recently turned victim. You collect HOs so that the ruling body of nocturnals/brethren can make an essence for you (which apparently turns you into your final form) according to their rules. The ending was surprising. Many HOS, which were detailed and, because you are active only at night, some of the scenes have slightly darker spots ? but nothing too dark. There were 3 main puzzles, which repeat (I like them, so it's okay with me). These earn you more hints. You have the option to replay if you need more hints. Liked most of the music. Graphics were okay ? but the expressions on the 3 main characters is morose at best (makes you feel a little down when emphathizing with them). In several HOS, I clicked on an object several times (slightly altering where I clicked) because I was sure it was what I was looking for. Ended up using the hint, only to find I had been clicking on the correct object. I hate when that happens. Overall, this was a nicely put together game. Nothing bloody or spooky, although there is a main character who is the enemy. A pleasant afternoon or evening of relaxing gameplay.

Nocturnal : Boston Nightfall

Corny, corny, did I say corny? story seemed rushed. I will say though the hacking thing is pretty cool with trying to find the right color code.

Small objects and short story line

I had a hard time on some the hidden objects because they were very small... I enjoyed the story line and was sad to see it end so quickly.


I didn't enjoy this game at all :( and the comicstrip style dialogue scenes, not my thing.The same mini game over and over, a very simple one at that,was redundant. I'll pass thanks, without even finishing the trial

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