Paris 1925

  • Take your own photos and write articles
  • Unravel the plot of a mysterious figure
  • Explore the city of Paris
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 1.6 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 7.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 207

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While undertaking his first report, journalist Edgar Lance stumbles into a mysterious murder which sets him on an adventurous investigation. Crisscross Paris during the roaring twenties from the Arc de Triomphe to the Eiffel Tower as you decipher the plot of an evasive figure sowing chaos in the world's most beautiful city. Will your scoop make the headlines? Find out in Paris 1925!


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Genre : Hidden Object

Spot hidden objects and solve puzzles and mysteries in lush, eye-catching scenes.

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Paris 1925
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Game Description:

Play as journalist Edgar Lance and solve a mysterious murder during the roaring twenties in Paris.

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A Fun Hidden Object Game

FINALLY!!! A hidden object game that does not have blood, guts, and gore as its theme!! I love it!! HOGs are one of my favorite games to play but lately, all of them have had the same theme: murder, mayhem, ghosts and demons. And children are always the victims. Enough already! I don't know about you but a constant diet of ghosts, demons, and murdered children are NOT entertaining to me. There's a reason I have never sought employment in the criminal industry (on either side)'s never been appealing to me. And neither are the HOGs where I have to be the detective to solve mysteries and cold cases and find missing persons. Not appealing. But this game is a pleasant change from all of that and that is why I gave it 5 stars. It is fun, relaxing, and mildly challenging. It is a hidden object game with variables and that's what makes it a fun game to play. Here's an idea for the game developers: try developing an HOG game using current event themes; i.e., the oscars, grammys or music awards; the political campaigns; any daytime talk show; etc., etc. There's more going on in our world other than murder and missing cases. Expand your minds.

Top hidden object game!!!

"Paris, le panth?on, la tour Eiffel, les ann?es folles" It's really fantastic! For people who whant discover this p?riode of Paris. No zombie or undead to kill, but a really Good story...

Tr?s Cool Game

I really did not know what to think of this game and was stumped from the very beginning. It took me a while before I realised that this was completely different from what we have seen in a while and soon I found myself enthralled not only with the story but with the game mechanics involved. This is an unusual HOPA with a few surprises thrown in. The graphics at first appeared a bit date, 3D like but visuals were sharp. I was not able to access the opening menu until I started the game and then noted that there was only one play mode. With soft jazz music in the background, we find ourselves in Paris during the roaring 20s. (One thing I did note at the begining: did woman wear short skirts above the knees and high boots in the 20s?) Anyhow, We meet up with a young aspiring journalist, Edgar Lance, who finds himself entangled in a murder mystery involving a young artist found dead on the opening night of his exhibition. Lance must now investigate and we begin our adventure. There is alot to do inthis game so be prepared to answer questions, take interviews, play HO scenes that involve very small parts and pieces to puzzles, play min-games, take photos, write up articles to help solve the murder. We have our camera and our notebook and a hint that really was not very helpful. We have voice-overs but unfortunately no map. By the time I had completed the demo, I was hooked. Although there are things that are missing like unclear instructions and basically I had to fumble around just to find some items in the HOS, I really enjoyed myself and am quite curious in helping Lance investigate this murdur. I expect adventure lovers will find this game amusing but be warned, glasses will be required at time. Bon amusment!

Actually Not Bad

Having read all of the reviews, I was expecting the worst but decided to give the demo a try. This is a review based on the demo, which I finished after 1 hour was up. It is impossible to estimate how long this game is from the demo. I thought it was really not a bad game at all. The game is slightly different in that the game is pretty much one big hidden object scene in which you have to solve some minor puzzles (and puzzles within puzzles) in order to advance through the story. The mehs: Slightly different story set in the 1920s of Paris, though the dress of the character named Milie is more like that of today (miniskirt not at all like those of flappers, overly long hair rather than bobbed, big modern boots). Other than that quibble, I thought that the atmosphere was pretty alright with a distinct art d?co feel, though despite the views of the Sacr?-Coeur, Notre-Dame, and P?re Lachaise, as a Parisian I can say that the interiors are far from what you usually have here, especially from that time period. The other meh is that at least so far from the demo, the storyline is very similar to other storylines of games on this site, but I do not want to go into the details and spoil it for other players who have not tried the demo. The pros: The gameplay feel is definitely of one being a reporter, trying to figure out what is going on. I like the fact that there is little hand holding in this game and you have to play around with things. I did not have the issue at all of objects being too small. Instead the challenge was right on for someone who likes to investigate things. I also appreciated having to figure a few things out for myself, and having to photograph what I thought was important and organizing myself my articles that I wanted to publish in the newspaper to make as big of a splash as possible. Choosing what you can ask the people you meet is fun as well. The cons: For those who like several modes of play, well, you are stuck with one, and I would call it e

Not your standard HOG

I am not a fan of reporter-solving-mysteries themed games. Given that, this game caught my attention. The basic storyline is that of a cub reporter who stumbles onto a murder and gets a chance to found out "who-dunit". The graphics are clear and realistic and the voiceovers are a nice touch. Based on the demo, this seems to be a well-crafted game with some interesting twists on the standard HOG theme. You must finish finding specific objects and complete certain puzzles before you can move on in the game. The puzzles range from fairly easy (putting puzzles together at the end of a scene) to challenging. It took me most of the demo to get out of the office! The hint button, while useful, cannot be used to sove a puzzle. Thankfully, there is no clicking penalty because it is necessary to click on everything. There is only one mode of play, but this is not a problem because there are different levels of challenge within this one mode. After getting out of the office, the storyline becomes more interesting, and for this reason, this will probably be a buy for me.

Paris 1925

Solving a crime which you are basicly on your own. Not a lot of hints to assist you, I'm sorry to report. The game is like a jigsaw puzzle and you need to put all the pieces of the puzzle together in order to solve the crime. Noting that you may stumble along the way, the hint button is really of no assistance and the mini puzzles leave you aghast. But, I muddled along and I really like this game after all. (Hint) There are hidden mini puzzles within the "HOG" scenes. The graphics fit the era in question (1925), the objects are quite small, but not impossible to find. Another (Hint), some of the objects are also hidden within the "HOG" scenes - mixing things together and you have to combine them in order to move ahead. I found this game very interesting and challenging.

This Game is Unique and Very Enjoyable-More Please!

I am surprised at all the negative reviews. Perhaps the negative reviews stem from the fact that this game is incredibly unique and doesn't fit nice and tidy into any one particular genre. It includes word-related puzzles, mini-games, strategy, time management, adventure and hidden objects. You play as an inspiring journalist and photographer in Paris during the roaring 20's whose first assignment turns out to be a murder investigation that quickly escalates into a much larger conspiracy. The goal is to collect information from people and clues from each scene. This is where the replay value becomes evident. You have various dialogue choices, and not all choices are used. The questions you choose to ask directly impact the 'rating' of your newspaper articles. You also collect photographic evidence and again, what you choose to take a picture of, and how good of a picture it is that you take, also impacts the 'rating' of your newspaper articles. After each 'chapter', you piece together your article. They are rated on a point system based on what information you decide to include from the interviews you conducted (there are many variations) as well as what pictures you decide to include (again-numerous variations). The quality of your article not only impacts your final point tally at the end of the game, but also determines on which page of the newspaper your article will be published on. Due to the many variations, this game can be replayed many times with different outcomes and points awarded. There are voice-overs and are done very well. The background music and scenes fit the time period of the 1920's very well. I found that the graphics are well done and politely disagree with other reviewers that the graphics are terrible. I have a wide-screen and the graphics look great. There are many locations to explore, with the newsroom as the only location that you visit more than once. The game is linear in the sense that you cannot wander around your surroundings-you are there fo

This is one cool game!

You play the part of Edgar, a cub reporter on an assignment in Paris, 1925. It starts out as just an ordinary day but wait... things are about to change. When I saw the reviews, I thought 'I won't be able to play if reviewers with good eyes think the items are too small'. Well, It was no exaggeration, the items are small but so crisp and clear that it's not that big a problem. And the graphics are just like looking at a photograph. Quite incredible! You actually have the feeling of being in an old newspaper office. The puzzles and HO scenes are not apparent. You sort of stumble across them in your clicking. You are not given a choice of play, it's rather an expert or advanced mode in that there are no sparkles, tutorials or instructions. You have a magnifying glass, gears and bar across the bottom. You have a notebook, that's it. You do have a hint that works if you're looking for that last piece of something but it won't tell you in which direction to go next. Navigation arrows are small and at the edge of the screen. Your HO scenes are not separate from the scene you are looking at. On the bottom you will have a list of stuff to find/do. For instance, put all the paper rolls in a basket, pencils in a can, scraps of paper in an in-box and collect typewriter kieys. You play a game with the keys and put the scraps of paper together like a jigsaw puzzle. The puzzles I came across were not difficult except for the typewriter keys; I had to "ignore" that game due to time constraints. The music is a rather bluesy jazz and fits the period of time you are in. I got to the camera when the demo ended. This is a truly an adventure game with a lot of puzzles. I have a hunch this isn't going to be a casual game. It's going to take some thinking. You will need all your deductive reasoning. I found this game to be very intriguing and consider it a buy for me. I want to go back and play the typewriter game this time.

I'll take a pass on this one

The story (based on the demo): You're an investigative reporter given a big story-a murder at a well-attended art showing. Who did it and why? In the course of your investigation, you come across some very interesting and disturbing info about the victim's hidden life. This game is very flat. You do not have an option of challenge level. No vo's or video. No sparkles of any kind that I saw. Story is told in graphic drawings and dialogue boxes and lines, which you must read - there's alot of reading. No HOS's in what I played, rather, you're given lists of this many of this and this many of that to find which are scattered about each location and sometimes in drawers, cabinets and so forth. There were quite a few puzzles of the large pieces jigsaw picture type. Also, you take black and white photos using your camera, follow the sequence with typewriter keys and a few simple puzzles of that ilk. No map or journal but you do have a notebook you record facts and thoughts in. There is a hint button that was practically useless however the game is so simple and formulaic that is not an issue. There is no map. There is a lot of lag in changing scenes and performing searches in a location which I attribute to the game as I have a good laptop, lots of memory and high speed internet. All in all, this game is obviously made on a low budget and becomes tedious quickly. I was glad when the demo was done. The storyline is mildly interesting but is a no buy for me, even at a low price.

below average

interesting concept but HO scenes so tiny cannot find many items spent more time on puzzles which were challenging and interesting making game worth some attention but overall disasppointing

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