Royal Gems

  • Vivid 2D graphics
  • Stunning effects
  • Excellent soundtrack
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 59

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Create figures with gems on the field and receive bonuses. Earn crystals for completing the levels and use them to buy exciting upgrades in the shop. Utilize spells to gain even more points! Make sure that your slot machine is topped off and then upgrade your stats. Complete the level's objectives and get more bonuses than ever! Plunge into the world of royal bounties!


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Genre : Arcade & Action

Test your hand and eye skills with quick action and challenging levels.

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Royal Gems
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

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Countless king's bounties will be yours!

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Fun + Different + Challenging = Awesome New Game

I'm not a big fan of match 3's, but this one really hooked me from the start. On each level you have to collect different things. On one, you may have to make 8 square shapes and set off a certain number of bombs, on another you may have to collect certain colors and make certain shapes. It keeps you thinking, and gets progressively more challenging as you go. All in all, I thought it was great!

relaxing ,yet challenge

first happy to see a game on big fish that is not a dark HO game. almost didnt try it glad i did, bought it befor trial was out, i love tetris and this has you look for tetris blocks in the jewels, gives a new twist to match 3 games. also like that if you dont get challenge done before time runs out,you can try it give it at least a will be glad you did.

Try It, It's Free!!!! Try It, It's Fun!!!

I am like a couple other commentators and almost didn't download this game, BUT I AM GLAD I DID, BECAUSE IT IS FUN & EXCITING!! It starts off as being the basic Match 3 games, where you find any 3 or more colored gems of the same color and then they disappear and more fall down.....but as you continue, unlocking the next level, you have to form shapes such as squares, then form "z" looking shapes, get 30 purple gems & etc. but at the same time you also have to explode the bombs they give you. The more levels you unlock, the harder the levels are you have to accomplish to get to the next level..{Please don't think the 1st couple levels are as hard as it gets!!!}They even add in a "slots machine" type mini game as you play, included in certain levels to give you bonus points. The only downfall that I found was that you don't really have to get all the list of items, example: 11 green square shapes & 3 lightening bombs, to get to the next level....if you come close to getting them all, then they let you continue onto the next level {which I go back & replay the level before I'll continue to the next level} But all & all, I would recommend this game. Give it a try & I bet you'll be buying this game after or even before you free hour trial is up! Enjoy & have a great day!

Big fun

I had the opportunity to beta test this game just a few days ago, and loved it, so I'm very glad to see it offered up so quickly. This is a chain instead of match 3, and with each level you have different goals to meet in order to get gems that allow you to buy extra time to complete the levels. As you progress, you can also earn bombs that help you complete your levels. For me, this is a definite buy, and I'm looking forward to hours of addictive fun.

,nice and sweet

I like this game, for the reason - You have to use your brain.. Try it and give yourself a break :-))

Challanging Game

Excellent game ever,its continuosely makes you want to achaive all the boxex to go to the next level.

A Nice Twist on a Match Three

Really enjoy this game. It is challenging and keeps me happy!


At first I thought this game was too easy, clicking and dragging as many gems as you could. Wait a minute a new twist... as you progress you have to make shapes like in tetras, a square, a zee, a line etc. all the same shapes as in tetras but they have to be gems of the same color. To get the bonuses you have to make 4 of the same shapes to acquire a bomb or lightning or whatever. It get's progressively harder and some are timed and some limit the amount of moves you have to achieve your goal.

Harder than it first appears

It's quite an easy little game - well for the first few boards - then it gets harder and harder and HARDER. An example - making twenty lots of the same shape in either a limited number of moves or limited time as well as collecting seventy jewels of one colour is quite a challenge and one I have enjoyed so far even though I hate timed games. However I can replay the board as many times as I like trying to complete it and collect the "money" needed to upgrade the power-ups in the store - took me a while to realise that to choose one I needed to slide them along. When I replay I try to complete only one of the tasks. There appears to be money for each task completed so I think - not sure - if I play twice and complete one task each time I can get all the money. I'm on the second lot of 20 boards and I've managed to get three stars -$30- on the early ones and only one -$5- or two -$15- on the later ones. I think there are five lots so it'll keep me going a while.

Give this one a fair go - I liked it!

Do try this one yourself - I really liked it too. The challenge is there and once you get the hang of how it works, it is technically quite difficult. I stuck with each level during the demo until I got the three stars and it isn't easy. Yes there is an element of luck as to the boxes you are dealt as it isn't always easy to get the right shapes but that is what makes it different. With perserverance and practice you can get there. Easy and fun to carry on up the levels or you can stick with it until you get the gold stars. It is clear and colourful, no storyline as such but it certainly requires skill. As you build up the speed and apply the different lightning strikes it gets more and more dramatic and I liked the graphics and the flow. I found that I was really sorry when the demo finished so I've used a free game bonus to buy it and I'm looking forward to carrying on . Give it a decent go yourself - I think that maybe some of the critics of this game have missed the point - it's fun and different and I enjoyed it more the longer I played.

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