Royal Jigsaw

  • High quality, unique artwork
  • Custom styles of pieces with rotation
  • Ambient, relaxing sound
  • Optional game difficulty control
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 37

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Enjoy high-quality graphics, adjustable difficulty levels and ambient music in this customizable and relaxing puzzle game that is fun for everyone! Rotate pieces to fit them in special pockets, zoom in on smaller pieces with a magnifying glass, and choose your level of difficulty with puzzles ranging from 12 pieces to 300! Replayable and suitable for players of any age, Royal Jigsaw is a game the whole family will love!


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Genre : Jigsaw

All the fun of a classic jigsaw puzzle with no missing pieces.

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Royal Jigsaw
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Enjoy high-quality graphics, adjustable difficulty levels and ambient music in this customizable and relaxing puzzle game that is fun for everyone!

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Royal Jigsaw game play Royal Jigsaw game play

Very Good Game But...

I really enjoy jigsaws both on line and on the kitchen table. The obvious pluses of computer puzzling (no lost pieces, etc.) have made me a great fan of the virtual type. This game is beautiful in artwork, pleasant and appropriate music and has awards aplenty. The downer? No much variety in subject matter. It's understandable in a "royal" themed game that castles and sailing ships would dominate the theme but more variety would've helped lots. There are very few pics of people, landscapes, animals, activities #with appropriate Medieval themes of course# or objects other than buildings and the occasional seascape. There are no instructions and some experimenting is needed to find how each tool works. I do, however recommend the game if there's enough variety for you and you've done enough computer puzzling to easily handle the controls without help. As I said, good but....


This is a typical computer jigsaw puzzle game. There are a lot of different puzzles to choose from 4 catagories and a couple of pages for each, but I wasn't crazy with the pictures themselves most of them are boring and I wouldn't buy them off a shelf! You can choose the size from 24 pieces on up and some of them are straight up place the piece as is or rotate the pieces by right clicking and it is indicated on the main screen by a rotating arrow. There is a toolbar under each puzzle to choose just the border pieces, show the image etc. as well as an open box at the top left corner to place puzzle pieces to free up some space. I liked the game just not the pictures. I chose the option to turn off the music (I played my own) because the music was boring as well, but I kept the sound on for clicking and point effects. There are achievements to earn and scores for time to complete puzzle, or quickly placing several pieces in a row. Enjoy!

A very fun and relaxing game

After playing the 1 hour free trial, I decided it was worth it to purchase it. Getting into the puzzle is a little complicated, but once I mastered all the buttons, I enjoyed doing the jigsaw. The only thing that I would comment on the negative part of this game is that you cannot create your own jigsaws as in other games I purchased.

Pleasant Enough, Not Sensational***

BASED ON ONE HOUR DEMO After seeing Jigsaw 365 & Jigsaw Boom! 3, this game really couldn?t compete. It is a standard format, with a classy interface in keeping with the Royal theme, with the usual options for modifying the photos. There are a good number of photos (70) to choose from, and you can raise the difficulty to 330 pieces. The photos themselves are the major appeal. They all follow the Royal theme, with palaces, castles, crowns and queens figured prominently. They are as beautiful as you'd imagine them to be. Top graphics quality. Worthwhile, but nothing new.

Does Not Compare

After playing Jigsaws Galore for so long, a game where the puzzle adjustments are almost endless, a game like Royal Jigsaw lost my interest well before the trial hour was completed. I don't enjoy jigsaws for a timed factor, I enjoy them for the concentration factor, the relaxation factor after a long, stressful day at work so this one just seemed like going back to a kid's floor puzzle format so to speak and did not meet my expectations. Sorry, but I will stick to my fav, Jigsaws Galore, where I can increase the difficulty level and add to the puzzle library with pictures I find of interest in addition to the many, many already contained in the game.

Not impressed

I was not impressed with this Royal Jigsaw game. Butterflydhc mentioned the game "Jigsaws Galore" and gave it high praise. I must agree. "Jigsaws Galore" is much better in every way. It is the best puzzle game I've come across on Big Fish so far. The mechanics are so much more "user friendly" than the ones in "Royal Jigsaw". The "Jigsaws Galore" game also allows the player to choose the number of pieces desired in each puzzle. The puzzle pieces can be changed to many more shapes than are offered in "Royal Jigsaw". And you can make your own pictures into puzzles. I was able to add over 100 additional puzzles to my "Jigsaws Galore" game through the developer's website FOR FREE. I am still not finished with all the new ones and won't be for awhile. I will say that I thought the puzzles in the "Royal Jigsaw" game were beautiful. I have given the game 2 stars because of the lovely pictures. But I wouldn't want to pay even the low $2.99 Daily Deal price for the game because every time you fit a puzzle piece into the correct place, there is a flash of light. This flashing "feature" is annoying to me and I could discover no way to disable it. I won't be purchasing this game. Classicaljazz

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