Schoolmates: The Mystery of the Magical Bracelet

  • Overcome dangerous obstacles
  • Defeat a powerful mage
  • Help Flex and Eva find Blondie
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/Win7/8
  • CPU : 1.4 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 335

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Help Flex and Eva find Blondie in Schoolmates: The Mystery of the Magical Bracelet! The three girls are having a great time being a part of Selena’s Order learning magic, going on dates, and generally enjoying their school days. Suddenly, Blondie disappears and it’s up to the other girls to find her! Deceive the evil trolls, befriend the whimsical fire spirit, and defeat a powerful mage in this incredible Adventure game!


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Genre : Puzzle

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Schoolmates: The Mystery of the Magical Bracelet
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Help Flex and Eva find Blondie in Schoolmates: The Mystery of the Magical Bracelet!

AFERON - BigFishGames
Schoolmates: The Mystery of the Magical Bracelet game play Schoolmates: The Mystery of the Magical Bracelet game play

"Very slow and boring hidden object game"

The characters are cute but very slow and the images are very pretty, but I couldn't even finish the demo it was so boring.

Every1 is to harsh!

Granted the characters are a little slow but its not as bad as every1 says. I gave the game benefit of the doubt and tried the trial version and absolutely LOVED it. There are various things to do so you dont get bored easily. Lots of mini-games to play and not every scene is hidden object! LOVED IT and would reccomend giving it a chance!


I really liked the graphics but everything else was bad, I couldn't see hidden objects at all.

If you like old adventure games, give this a try

A fun and refreshing game along the old adventure game lines. A good story line about two rivaling magic schools and three girls getting in the middle of that. You play as one, then another of the girls, and have to solve problems creatively and without a lot of help. Not a fast-paced game, but wildly inventive. My only complaint - a bit too linear, and the ending came too abruptly and disappointed me.

Recommended for the Young @ Heart

I will start off by saying that this game is probably best for young folks. Why you might be asking? First, the graphics are very much of a cartoon nature and something that young people grow up with, less so for us older folks. Secondly, both the storyline and actions are slow. Again, it seems that the speed would be perfect for young people but not for others who are use to moving through a game at the speed of light. But, even for young people, they might get frustrated with the teeny-tiny hidden objects, which lack sharpness in shape and visual location. Is it challenging? Hard to say. I venture to say no regardless of your age. Storyline, not much of one. Fun, not really. I would only recommend this game as a "try it for young people" and go from there. Otherwise, skip trying this game and save your time for something more exciting.

Schoolmates - Patience Needed

ZZZ. Sorry fell asleep. Tried the demo on this game and have to agree with so many others that the slowness in movement hindered the gameplay. Game looks like it would be fun. Very different than most. I was unsure what genre of game it was until I looked at some of the posts. Positives are the music was lovely and relaxing. The scenes are colorful, bright, characters adorable, instructions on tasks were easy to follow. The few min-puzzles I encountered were enjoyable. Won't comment on recommeding this game however it will be a no buy for me.

Schoolmates: The mystery of the magical bracelet

No magic in the mystery. So so game.


sry but this game was sooooooooo slow....weren't able to make characters walk faster or run instead and objects were difficult to find

Too Boring ! Could not bear 20 minutes !

Cute animation, colorful and well drawn, but the game itself is very boring! Both the easy and the hard mode can not skip the tutorial, have excess of dialogues, and hint explains exactly what you have to do. Eve, the "computer genius" is too slow, .... and you have to wait for her to go walking, very very slowly, to where you want to interact. Challenging is to see: the objects you have to find are tiny tiny ! Even seeing an object, you can only pick up when asked ... no inventory of things to be used later. Mini game easy and very well known - place gears to activate something (!!) Total waste of time !

Way too slow

Nice graphics, but stiff action. Very, Very slow movement. There was no voices and clicking is required for each comment by the characters. Got boring fast.

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