• More than 400 levels.
  • Unlock power-ups.
  • Bonuses and secret levels.
Min System request
  • OS : Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7/8
  • CPU : 600MHz or faster Processor
  • Memory : 128

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Bees are humming, the Spiders coming; untangle quick before they stick! The TangleBees have unfortunately been caught in the tricky spider's web and need your help. Untangle the bees to set them free, find trophies, and bring peace back to TangleWood Forest. Relax and discover the changing of the seasons complete with bubbling brooks, autumn leaves, and wild flowers.

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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Journey through beautiful landscapes as you help untangle bees from spider webs in this original puzzle game.

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discovered that I need completion satisfaction

I adore the untangle connected lines types of puzzles. However, I also adore the satisfaction of triumph when I solve a puzzle. This game makes it difficult to obtain the latter. The music, sound effects, and graphics are OK. They are not fantastic, but not annoying, either. The game concept and story line are in much the same category. Since I play to enjoy the process of playing, all these things are fine for me. What I found annoying was just how difficult this game makes it to experience the satisfaction of solving each puzzle. First, I have a handicap that makes all timed games out of reach for me, so I was happy to see there was both a timeless mode and a puzzle mode available in this game. (You do have to play some of the classic mode to make them available, however, which was somewhat annoying.) It turns out that puzzle mode is timed, which was a disappointment. I was hoping it would be scored by how many moves it took to solve the puzzle or something other than timing, but not so. Therefore, puzzle mode did not work for me. Timeless mode turned out to be annoying in an entirely different way. As you start to untangle the strings, more are added, so you cannot get the satisfaction of completing the puzzle. Just as you are starting to make progress, it adds more! Unhappily, solving the original layout was not in the developer's minds with this mode. (Perhaps infinite frustration, rather than timeless, would be a better title for this mode.) For those of us who like untimed brain teaser and puzzle type games, there are a number out there that provide plenty of completion satisfaction. If that is what you are looking for, I recommend you play one of them and skip this one. (Just so you have an idea of some other puzzle-it-out type games to try, here are some of the ones I like: Professor Fizzwizzle, Ruin, Crazy Eggs, Christmas Tale)


First of all... I did love this game, hence the 5 stars... to be honest though... most would probably give this game 3 stars. TangleBee is a Cat?s Cradle/untangle the lines game. There isn?t really a ?story? but you have a goal of traveling through the forest and different scenes to find and free all of the queen bees. Each Queen bee has a different power to help you free the bees. This is a long game, but probably not the kind you would play from start to finish, like you would if you were playing a hidden object game. For an older game, released in January of 2007, graphics are clear, but not sharp and crisp like games today? if that makes sense. A nice, cheery, colorful puzzle game. *3 levels of difficulty? Easy, Normal, Hard *There are goals of bronze, silver, and gold to try to earn. Gold? even on easy? even in the Kids level?is tough to get! *There are many ACHIEVEMENTS to earn. 5 different modes of play? which are as follows? *TangleBee Classic (Timed)? 135 levels In this mode? as you uncross the overlapping lines the bees are freed and fly off. Free all the bees to complete the level. The timer is a SPIDER who climbs up a thread and tries to get to the honeycomb. If he does? you lose the level, and a life. *Tangle Bee Kids? An easier, more colorful version of Classic. *Tangle Trouble? 90 levels? A more difficult version of TangleBee Classic? *Tangle Puzzle? 50 levels? You must untangle all the lines before the bees get freed. Timer seems fairly generous on this level. *Timeless Tangle? This is one long level with no time limit. There are also Bonus levels in between the regular play levels? avoid the spiders while clearing the picture in the background. The music is a nice, relaxing acoustic guitar with 3 songs? you can choose to play one particular song from the options menu or ?random?, which switches them around. BOTTOM LINE... If you don?t particularly care for the Cat?s Cradle/Untangle t

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