Teddy Factory

  • 45 twisting levels.
  • Collect Unique Prizes.
  • 3 difficulty levels.
Min System request
  • OS : Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7/8
  • CPU : 600MHz or faster Processor
  • Memory : 128

Review for game: Teddy Factory

Try your skills in a factory! In this cut throat toy industry it's a wild mix of matching and precision aiming, all with the drive of constant orders. And oh, those demanding customers! How far can you climb the Corp ladder at the local Teddy Factory? Will you get that promotion? Can you move on to bigger and better Toys? Bigger and better Factories? Try to find out!


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Genre : Arcade & Action

Test your hand and eye skills with quick action and challenging levels.

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Teddy Factory
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

In this cut throat toy industry it's a wild mix of matching and precision aiming, all driven by constant orders.

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a bit of this and a bit of that... and heres TEDDYYYY

This is a simple game...one would think.... you have conveyer belts which have several different parts of teddy bears on them..... you have to make a FULL teddy bear using the peices availible, like head, body, left leg, right leg, left arm, right arm .... these FULL teddy bears you give to the children who keep coming along and asking for different coloured bears ... seems simple enough at first ... then they add in different colour teddy bear peices ... This games goes from nice and slow to hectic very quickly... one level your waiting for peices, the next level you haven't enough room on your conveyer belt and the peices of teddy you want are no where to be seen.... I am an EXPERT games player and i have played and completed and finished hundreds of games.....I've played this game several time and can not get very far in this game at all. i give this game 1 out of 10 .. very poor , this game really neaded there to be easy, medium, difficult, and insain settings, instead of just insain... this games starts out fun but ends in frustraition every time do i recommend this game .. NO ... save your money

Fun Game

I enjoy playing this game. It's aesthetically pleasing and challenging.

Just not enough to keep my attention

The individual parts of the bears move along a conveyor belt, and you have to choose parts of matching colors to build the bears. It's repetitious. Apart from colors, not much changes. I'm not entirely certain if the difficulty and challenge was intentional, or a result of bad game design. There were times where I simply couldn't complete a bear before the customer left, because the part never came down the conveyor belt. I'm not sure if I used previous parts unwisely, and so it was my fault I didn't have what I needed, when I needed it, or if the game simply wasn't providing me with the necessary part because of bad luck. I must add that it was only because I insist on achieving gold for each level before moving on that it was a challenge. I was never in danger of failing the level entirely.

oldie but challenging

This is an older game, but I just love the feel to it; the music is kind of groovy 1950's and the gameplay gets more and more challenging (hard!) as you go along. I really enjoyed putting the toys together. I wish it was a little easier in places, but there's plenty of levels and the graphics are lovely.

Putting Teddy Bears Together

people order bears and you must pick correct parts off the conveyor belt to complete your task.

Teddy Factory???

Teddy Factory is a game where you own a orphanage where you give the kids a new teddy bear to sleep with once a month but when your Uncle Charlie goes bankrupt you must work at the factory to keep getting the free teddies! Basically, every level you serve the children's bear orders and construct the body parts of each bear to make them happy. The game is ok: it's not fun but it keeps me occupied. I only played it for 10 minutes because you do the same thing every level- construct the bear, serve the children, make them happy! The game is about a 2 - 3 star rating. If I was going to recommended this game, I would recommended it to 4-9 year old children as the game is simple, easy to get the hand off and is basically an child's interest- teddies! Otherwise I wouldn't recommended this game!

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