The Book of Desires

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Challenging mini-games
  • Captivating story!
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  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 1.6 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 213

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Explore an intriguing world in The Book of Desires, a thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! Ashley had a horrible dream where she traveled to a strange world. When she awoke she realized it was just a nightmare, but her reality turns out to be just as scary. Help her escape with her life in this exciting adventure!


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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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The Book of Desires
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Help Ashley escape with her life in The Book of Desires!

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The Book of Desires game play The Book of Desires game play

Really like this iHOG

The trial hour went so fast, that I knew it was a definate buy. Casual and advanced modes are always welcome. I no longer buy any game with no option to play without sparkles. It's a fun game, and although a bit too much hand holding the games does makes you think and so far, not too much running back and forth. There is no diary to refer to, so you need a good memory or a piece of paper and pen. The hint system is excellent also. The puzzles aren't too challenging, but the way some of them have been put together is a bit different. There is a skip button. The HO scenes are pretty standard with no interaction and the usual find this or that item with no connection to the game. My one annoyance was that the cursor was taken for just three wrong clicks, and it seemed an age before it let me have it back! Why devs do this, I just don't know. It doesn't add to the challenge or game experience. They make one object look like the one you want, then you sit there waiting to play on... I haven't looked at BFG w/t, so don't know the length of the game.

Be Careful What You Wish For

The story is about a little girl who wanted (wished) her parents would go back to when they were not fighting. She obtained a pen that she had to place on a magical book that transported her back in time. The little girl faced many a challenge in finding objects to doing mini puzzles. The story kind of makes you want the ability to go back in time and change things for the good of man kind. Mine would be world peace and cures for all diseases. The story mode could be done in either casual or advanced. There was a hint button and a walkthrough. Which were a plus for me. The sound, music, graphics, and color were artfully done. I for one turn down the volume for music and audio (voice) but leave the sound effects up. The option of saving the game where you left off and not having to restart over is a big plus. Can't wait for a sequal to this game. Thank you Meridian 93 the developers of the game and also to BFG for offering it on their web site. I can't wait for a sequal the game. I leave the purchasing of the game up to the individual player.

Book of Desires.... buy it if you 'desire' a good 'game'!!

The puzzles are quite unique and the presentation can't be beat. I almost didn't download the trial as it appeared to be just another dark game, yet I am so glad I tried it. The variety of gameplay is so appealing and interesting... the story is unique, and, wow, I am just SO happy I checked this one out; I ended up purchasing it and can't wait to continue on.

Pleasant Experience

Nice storyline. Lovely graphics etc. This game is pleasant but not too easy. It makes the brain work things out. Some searching and retracing of steps but at all times progress is made.Well done Devs. I heartily recommend this game. Snags

Pretty Neat Game!

This game has all kinds of delightful twists on traditional HOGs - the puzzles were pretty easy, but they are different as well, with some being the usual fare. I really thought the story line was good as well, you go to different dimensions and you have put everything right before you can move on. The graphics are beautiful; I don't listen to the music because I find it too much of a distraction while I am playing the game, so I turn completely down. There were quite a few parts of this game that startled me, so it was also good in a spooky kind of way. And the best part - there's actually an ending! But it does leave a possibility for another game of this sort. All in all, a pretty cool game - worth the price. The only thing I did not care for was, there is no kind of journal or map, but the hint button recharges quickly, and points you in the right direction. I did get stumped a couple of times - which is a blessing and curse - blessing it adds to the level of challenge; curse I had to go to the walkthrough a couple of times, which I really hate because I want to stay with the game and play it. A good buy and I do hope they come out with another one like this.

Thought Provocative

Personally I enjoyed "The Book of Desires, however there were a few sluggish areas but overall I enjoyed this game. I liked the skeletal figures, the music and other graphics. I try to look at all angles and enjoy each game for what it is. I find the puzzles really got my brain cells activated and for me that is definitely a plus.

A HIGHLY underrated game!

I have to say that I absolutely loved this game. And what a surprise that was! This was one of those games that you buy 'cause it looks to be good, but then put it on hold for months on end as you don't expect much from it. Well, I finally played it as I didn't have much else to do, and WOW HOW WRONG WAS I!!! This is such a fantastic game and I honestly wish I had realised this sooner and played it when I bought it originally. Though it's nice to have stumbled on such a gem when least expecting it. There are some very good points in this game and I'll just list a few that made this experience so great for me: * The HOS are so cleverly done that I was actually quite amazed. These are among the best HOS I have ever seen in a game before. Not purely for the fact that the graphics are so well done, but for the fact that they really challenge you without frustrating you. And there are HOS scenes in almost every new scene, not too many and not too few, so if you are among those that doesn't like the game to be purely HOS you'll love this one. * The puzzles are very clever (though some are maybe a bit on the easy side). There are multiple puzzles throughout the game and they are all different. There is such a variety of puzzles that that in itself is a great experience for puzzle lovers and they are very fun to solve. * The hint button recharges very quickly so if you get stuck you can use the hint as much as you want without there being any text telling you what to do (so you'll still have to think for yourself). * It makes you think for yourself and think ahead so there's an intellectual challenge to it and a need to memorise scenes and objects as you go back and forth. * There are so many beautiful scenes in this game that I was quite amazed. There's a lot of variety in the scenes and such a variety of interaction with objects and other things in the background. All in all this game has multiple different scenes with a whole lot of interaction, beautiful graphics, grea

A fun cute game

I really ended up enjoying this game and I had to start over to get past one scene!. nice story line, i don't use sound or music so can't comment on that but it was relatively easy to follow, hint button was helpful, game was fast but challenging at the same time.only caution find all 16 stars! I had to start the game over to get past the star game. otherwise a great game, even the skeletons where enjoyable to "talk to". perfect for playing without having to think to much or work to hard.

Best of the Best

I know everyone's taste is different, but for me, this game has all the best elements. It is by far the best game have ever played. I havent finished the game yet; I just had to pause to pass along my unqualified recommendation. Even the music was appropiate and pleasant. Hope I can find another like it. Wish it would never end.

The Book of Desires Great Game.......

ive just played this game theres alot of Puzzles in the game and nice HO.if you looking for a good game then try this out. I played this in Expert mode.

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