The Last Days

  • Over 40 gorgeous detailed locations
  • Unique airplane navigation
  • Thrilling action story
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 2.0 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 520

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Discover clues left by advanced civilizations and stop the return of an ancient enemy in The Last Days! While on vacation you find strange out of place artifacts. How did these objects get here? What are they supposed to do? It's up to you, the clock is running and Earth is counting on you!


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Genre : Puzzle

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The Last Days
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Only by discovering clues left by advanced civilizations can you stop the return of an ancient enemy and save Earth.

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The Last Days game play The Last Days game play

I Like It!

I actually like this game, and the adventure of figuring out what to do next, which to me, is what an adventure really is. The graphics are really nice... almost realistic looking. As far as some screen shots being faintly fuzzy, I think it is suppose to give the feel of the hot sun on an island. The music is fine, but if one does not like it, they can always mute it. This game is both adventure and HOG. I'm looking forward to seeing how the story unveils, and where it ends. The game also downloaded fast, and I experienced no glitches while playing in the demo mode. I only played approximately 15 minutes of the demo, before deciding to purchase it.

great, wonderful

could not shut down the game the more i play the more i wanted to know the end.

Had great possiblities

30 min of demo: would have played more but got stuck. even with the poor reviews i tried this game. was fun until i got to the place i was to place a greenish blue lever looking thing in the forge 2nd location i placed it and deactivated the forge but the hint kept telling me i still needed to use it...grrr... i did not have any issues with what others were having i did not need my hand held and moving around was not difficult. pros easy moving around ie taxi list of places to go small magnifying glass to click on areas of interests no junk piles for hos mini games not very hard nice looking scenes not bad interface. cons: one 2 things in an area then you have to go to another location alot of back and forth. graphics nothing really special. no vo's music repetitive but u can turn it off no walkthrough as of yet there are issues with the game itself needs more work to fix it. i would recommend this game when the fore mentioned issue or issues get fixed. until then i cannot in good conscience recommend this game.

Stick with it

I stuck with it and enjoyed it. I played through, watched the credits, and still had 11 minutes to spare afterwards. No one holds your hand throughout the game, but everywhere that you can go is noted. Objectives flicker if you wait. The first place, Bimini, does have you bouncing back and forth to the same locations for info, but after that you generally have a pretty straight path. The hints are great, they tell you exactly where you need to be. Yes, they don't tell you exactly what to do, but if you're looking at one location, it becomes trial and error to figure out what to do. Don't be afraid to click around in this game. Once you play the first place, you understand the navigation and it really is a good game after that.

Different, Simpler, Style Of Gameplay

BASED ON DEMO This game is really quite different from any other game I?ve seen lately, so I?m finding it a little hard to describe it to you. I?m going to try to do it step by step. You are due for a holiday, so you set off in your CESSNA for BIMINI to do a little diving and salvaging. Once you arrive, you enter the airport and browse the brochures. One or more will be highlighted by your cursor changing to a magnifier. (By the way, if you want to use the custom cursor, you have to select it, and you must do so every time you reopen the game.) The information the BROCHURES give you will allow you to leave the airport and get the TAXI. You will then see a MAP with the available LOCATIONS, and you move there. Each location gives you a little more information or an inventory item, but never very much at one time. The items are usually used immediately, and you may have to return to the same source of information (e.g. Museum) several times. Within a given LOCALE, you will travel by TAXI (ie. The map). Moving from one locale to another is done in the PLANE. BLACK BAR COMMENTS, your JOURNAL, and HINT are all available (and needed) to help you sort out where next to go. They give specific suggestions (e.g. It?s time for a dive now). You don?t really do much compared to the amount of information provided for the STORY, but you must go through these steps in order to PROGRESS. Having completed all the tasks needed for one locale, the GAME/JOURNAL will tell you where to fly your plane. You have VERY FEW HO SCENES to find items, they are not interactive, WORD LISTS, with the highlighted item being your inventory item. As well, some inventory items are retrieved through the EVEN FEWER PUZZLES. None of these are difficult. But they are also NOT CENTRAL to the game. In fact, to my mind the game really only consists of GATHERING INFORMATION. All this travelling is leading us to the conclusion that there are aliens among us, but it takes a long time to get there. The STORY itsel

Very Short But Fun

I enjoyed the different locations (Bermuda Triangle, Iceland, Egypt) with tie-ins to mythology and legend. The Mayan calendar-end-of-days is outdated but enjoyable if one appreciates classic sci-fi (we know there is no Moon Maid ala E.R. Burroughs or revolving space station ala 2010: A Space Odyssey for instance but we enjoy them anyway). The graphics are fuzzy in some locations. The puzzles and HOGs are easy. I finished the game in about 45 minutes. Play the demo but don't waste the money.

Wasnt too bad

ok so I read all the reviews and thought, well I haven't got anything else better to do so played it. Yes it can be a little challenging, the hidden object scenes were very basic but as far as figuring out what to do it was basically fairly straight forward. It is old school playing type though so if your expecting high graphics and complicated game play then this is not the game for you.

For young and /or beginners

Not bad graphics and the hint was instant which I liked. But for me, too much back and forth,although the Taxi feature was clever. Because the game will appeal to the newbie and the young, I give it the 3 stars even though it lacks the polish and interest of the better games for more experienced players.

Less Than Average, Extremely Short & Mildly Enjoyable

Everything About This Game Is Average ... The Story & Concept Is Mildly Enjoyable And The Game Is Fast Paced ... At Best You Will Be Finished In About An Hour ... Not Worth Anything More Than A Daily Deal For So Little Game Play ...

Save the world in 2012???

What? Is this game left on a shelf somewhere or did they wait until the Mayan calendar expired to see if the world would end? I played ( well that's a loose description) to the end of the 60 minutes.. I reached Cairo and the Pyramids in the same light aircraft that flies from USA to Bimini, Iceland and Mexico!! Very authentic! This game has a lot of back and forth movement- revisit old location to do a HOS collect something else, get a helmet, get a vase, get a cup....blah blah. The hint is annoying at times .. so you could switch off very early in the demo... As I got to Egypt and the pyramids , I guess the game is not much longer than 1 hour, I may be wrong but I am not going to waste a free game credit to find out. No clear instruction, no real idea as to why you are doing this - some vague threat about 30 Dec 2012, apparently! Could have been much better - no skill levels to speak of so somewhat hot and miss... some of the puzzles are reasonably challenging.. otherwise it's like revisting an old game an wondering why you played it in the first place. Deleted it and cannot recommend it.

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