The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen

  • Restore the Heart of the Kingdom
  • Stop the wedding
  • Help Munchausen save the day!
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  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/Win7/8
  • CPU : 1.6 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 373

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The Heart of the Kingdom has been destroyed and now it’s up to Munchausen to save the day in The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen! With the light and prosperity of his kingdom gone, the king has no choice but to marry his daughter to an unknown stranger in exchange for a huge sum of money. Sensing the stranger’s evil, she writes to Munchausen who must now stop the wedding in The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen!


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Genre : Puzzle

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The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen
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The Heart of the Kingdom has been destroyed and now it’s up to Munchausen to save the day in this fun Hidden Object game!

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The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen game play The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen game play

Brilliant! Every moment a treasure!

An absolute gem. An astounding amount of imagination and detail went into making this game. I adore puzzles especially when there is the right balance of challenge, logic and fun. They need to blend with and enhance the story. There needs to be challenge but it shouldn't get annoying and the answer should seem obvious as soon as you figure it out. This game succeeds at all of that while pulling you into a delightful, colorful and witty world. A world where the hero can ask for a loaded cannon, a cat, a fishing pole and a model sailing ship while still making perfect sense. I was a little worried that my dear old fictional friend would be mistreated. But no, the developers stayed true to the outrageous tall tales of Baron Munchausen and filled this story with the same sort of comical braggadocio. The art style works well with this 18th century story. The voice-overs are near perfect. The wizard sounds a bit like a grandfather reading the parts in his "evil villain" voice which makes this fairy tale cozy from the beginning. Honestly, I could just go on and on. Every aspect of this game is beautifully crafted. If I had to find a flaw, it would be the length because I didn't want it to end. I have played games which were twice as long but much of that was filler, repetitive tasks, reworked mini-games and a lot of boredom. Every single minute of this game was just pure fun. I can't wait for the sequel!

Developers Hit Again! Very Humorous Game.

Completely different from most games, which are about "suspense, fear, fright",... this game is done with plenty of humor. The king wants his daughter to marry a strange and evil man, who offers a lot of money to the kingdom. Desperate, she calls Munchausen to help her. When he enters the scene, you begin to have great fun! Have fun helping him to come down from a tree ... or when he needs something that is with a pigeon! (He did not throw a rock as in other games!) - Funny storyline, crisp and colorful graphics, very good sound. - Voice over is great - sometimes sounds serious and concentrate, or sweet and calm as in a fairy tale...and sometimes, ironic and funny (like Munchausen's voice). HOS are very different, actually are "associations" - a sidebar with objects that you'll match with another in the scene, as "dice and playing cards", or "hedgehog and cactus", etc. Mini games are new and entertaining. It has some known, but with "something" more! I played only demo, but it was enough to know that this game is amusing, entertaining and greatly well done.

I Want More Like This

What a riot!!!! I honestly wasn't going to even try it . . . looked too amateurish (?). So, nothing else to do but housework, no other interesting looking games, nothing on tv . . tried it and I am happy I did. Totally different concept than the other HOGs. And, trying to figure out a sequence of events just added more delight to this totally endearing game. My only complaint . . . . WAY WAY WAY too short.

Giving fun a chance!

Despite of the humorous storyline this game is away from "always the same HOS-style". These HOS are presenting matching objects with clues and the player has to use his wits to find the counterpart, also funny ones. The minigames too are based upon the players ideas of working out the correct order of movements. The items are always clearly painted, but not always easy to find, often with combinations within the picture. Sometimes there are necessary moves backwards to previous scene to find some items, but no steadily running around. Items generally are divided mostly into two or more parts. If there are some of previous or next scenes they are marked so as well. It's definitely none with creepy scenes, but only for using the brain, relaxing and smiling as well. I would wish more games with this way of making. A really gorgeous game, but could be larger. But nevertheless I'm looking very much forward to a sequel!

Humorous Fun Game -- Way to Short

Fun game, but it was way too short. Nice clear graphics and cleverly hidden objects, in some scenes. I liked the way the actual Hidden Object scenes were set up; find items by picture and match items by association. No sneakers were needed for this game. I totally enjoyed the place-in-sequence mini-games. You need to place several items in exact locations for an action scene to properly function. Hopefully the Developer will make more games like this, but make them longer to justify pricing.

More, please.

I agree that the game was too short but it was so different and so entertaining. I was hooked with the first motion puzzle and purchased the game. I want to encourage the game developers with more games of this series, however, with more game play next time.

Fun Hidden Object game that is different from others

This is a fun, hidden object adventure game which offers something different from the same old games we have been getting lately. It is funny and light hearted. Definitely recommend it

What a gem

Logic meets Incredible Machine meets Adventure meets HOG. Game was pure fun - not SUPER challenging (yet) but just fun. There are new type puzzles and old type puzzles, but all the old type puzzles had a new wrapping. I didn't even mind the find the differences puzzle, and I don't ever like those. Lets see, there was a slider puzzle, a logic puzzle, a comparison puzzle, an association puzzle, progression puzzle, a HOG and a story of a Princess being sacrificed to save the kingdom. What more can you ask?

Fun Game

The graphics are bright ,cheery and just nice to look at. Game on the whole was quirky & charming fun it made me laugh.Different to other HOGS Ive played.A wonderful diversion would like to see more like this.Only down side a game this fun needs to be longer.

Loved This Game!

Wonderful gameplay. I really enjoyed the interactive "solutions" games; they were really challenging! I played in Expert Mode...had to use the Hint button more than a couple of times. It's a fairly short game, with a teaser about a sequel to save another kingdome - BRING IT ON!!! Can't wait!

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