Them: The Summoning

  • Amazing gameplay
  • Beautiful locations
  • Prove that you were framed!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 128
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 653

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Find proof that you were framed for two murders that you didn’t commit in Them: The Summoning! Stay a step ahead of the investigator who is on your tail and find an ally in a familair spirit. Scour beautiful Hidden Object scenes and save your own skin! Solve puzzles and avoid the law as you explore Southern Europe in Them: The Summoning!


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Genre : Hidden Object

Spot hidden objects and solve puzzles and mysteries in lush, eye-catching scenes.

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Them: The Summoning
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Find proof that you were framed for two murders that you didn’t commit in Them: The Summoning!

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A really hidden object game

I loved the beginning. Everything is so sharp and clear & the music was up beat. I liked finding the bonus objects and appreciated the sparkle hints. As the game went on I began to find the audio annoying especially the door knocking so just turned it off. Visually it is beautiful. The objects are often very small or only part is shown. Objects are added as you find the first ones. I found that a little taxing for me because of the challenge to find all of them and the bonus objects. It makes each scene last a long time. If you really really like HOGs you will love it. I would like to move from scene to scene quicker. I like puzzles too so probably won't buy this one but recommend it to all the HOG lovers. Very nicely done.

A Really Tough HO Game

Every aspect of this game is very professional. It's imaginative, original, fascinating. The ultimate HO challenge. The artwork is exceptional, difficult and original. I can't believe it's possible to have such beautifully realistic HO scenes, clean and uncluttered (well, for a poor housekeeper it is), and yet be totally unable to find anything. The designers must have known what a challenge they were creating, because there's lots of (much needed) help, with a feature where a cursor hover moves obstacle like cushions out of the way, unpunished clicking, and a quick recharge on the hints. As well, if you wait long enough, unrequested hints will highlight items. Watch out for those hidden compartments and drawers though, you'll only find them when you click them. The transition effects are cool, and there are a lot of scenes, but there is a lot of little loads. Near invisible 'Bonus' items in each scene unlock 'extras' reached from the main menu, but I'm not sure what to do with them. The story is very good, but gets lost for most of the game because you are focussed so much on getting through each HO scene. There is very little adventure activity, and few puzzles. This is mostly a HO game. Replay: This is essential for your self esteem. Never have I used the hint feature so much or felt so out of control, and I played the "easy' game! This is the reason I don't give it a 5. This game is not for the fainthearted. But if you enjoy a challenge, the fact that you know the story is not going to interfere with your repeatedly trying to better your performance. Tips: Set aside some time for this one, once you start you won't want to stop - and bring your magnifier.

best game ever

Please hurry up and release part 2 and 3

Good for lovers of hidden objects

Them The Summoning is the 1st of a planned trilogy from Gamatic & AV Technology; I played the full hour demo & it was all H0 scenes & there was a mini-game of spot the difference. The graphics were very crisp & bright; the artwork a little too colourful for my taste (sort of like a TV that has the colour turned up too high). The music changed depending on what scene you were in & suited the game. There are an easy & standard mode of gameplay & you can also choose to play as male or female; I tried both & found no difference at all so it is just cosmetic. The game plays as widescreen, the hint recharges very quickly. There is no voiceover & you can click through or skip the dialogue if you wish. After the second H0 scene you will get an inventory & a map (not interactive). There is a misclick penalty but you have to click very fast for it to come into play. You should click around the scene as items such as drawers, cushions will move to reveal hidden objects. Some of the items are very small but as the graphic are so clear I was able to find all the objects. In each scene; there are 10 bonus items to collect to unlock the ?extras? & you are then able to replay unlocked H0 or mini games. I did not buy as I prefer more adventure in my hidden object games but if you love your H0?s then this is a good one to play.

Good Music, Mediocre HOS, Bad Adventure

You have several options to look at when starting this game: pick a national flag that fits your language, make the game screen brighter or darker, volume louder or quieter, standard or easy mode. This game is almost entirely HOS, with "Bonus Objects" to be found in each scene. Each bonus object you find gives you another hint. The music is good, and fits the storyline. Some of the graphics are good, but others are awful. In easy mode, bonus and hidden objects sparkle a little, which is good in a few cases, where the objects are simply impossible to see. I had to change the brightness level for each scene, and that's not something I've had to do in other games. Don't like this one, and can't recommend it.

Great Game!

I can't wait for the sequel... The game is thrilling!

hidden object overdose

in this game, you are looking for proof that you were framed for two murders. to do this, you have to evade an investigator whilst also gathering clues. you can choose to play as a man or woman, which doesn't affect the play during the demo portion of the game. storyline: nearly nonexistent. this game is just one hidden object scene after another whilst the storyline is an afterthought. i like hidden object games a lot, but this is a bit too much. if you like having a few puzzles to break up the monotony, well, there's almost none of those in this game. graphics: very crisp, often lacking all texture. looks like something an architect would draw. some scenes have objects that disappear when you mouse over them. collecting myriad tiny objects in some of the scenes unlock game extras. also, "items that open" (boxes, drawers, etc.) are important. my interaction: one hour demo. my complaints: this game is nonsensical. for example, near the beginning, the main character leaves one scene (which you've already searched once for hidden items) to meet a friend and needs to find a number of hidden objects before departing. these items are added to the character's backpack to be carried along through the story. but the items that had to be found were really strange: why did the character absolutely need to find a woodpecker but not KEYS before leaving his/her flat? i was surprised by misspelled words, including the word woodpecker, which oddly, the developers listed -- incorrectly -- as two words (originally, i wrote this word in this review as they had done, but my comments were flagged for inappropriate language! so how did the game developers' misspelling get past your spell checkers, big fish?) presumably, this story takes place in southern Europe, but from what i saw, this looks like anywhere, USA, during the 1970s. in short, i do not recommend this game unless you are desperate for a time waster that you've not yet played.

Not a Bad Litle Game

Straight HOG with bonus items. If there are puzzles, I didn't run across one in the time I played. I wish all games had hint systems as good as this one --- fast refill and a simple circle around the item to be found. Unfortunately, the bonus items here are easier to find than the hidden objects. I play on a laptop, so I did get well-acquainted with the hint button. The graphics are clear and the scenes quite artful. The music is unobtrusive. I'd like to give it four stars, maybe even five, for what it is.-- a simple game with an intriguing story line -- except for the difficulty of finding the hidden objects. Not a buy for me, but I'd like to see the devs try again.

Not good

Unlike previous reviewers, I was not impressed with the graphics. Way too many objects crammed into HO scenes; some items are very, very small and that, combined with the grain-like quality and garrish colours, sent me to the hint button a little too often. Sorry I can't comment much on the storyline because I don't pay too much attention to ANY storyline, and as for the music, I'm not much help there. By far, the best option of any game is the ability to turn off music and voices. Mini-games were so-so, but nothing to get excited about - pretty common fare. At best, the game is a time-waster until something better comes along.

them the summoning

Why did I buy this game, it really is very frustrating to play. Constantly loading for the next segement, it seems the hos are only now and then, I am not easily put off with a game but I have to say there are better games, I would recommend that this game be played only if you are waiting for a decent game to appear. so sorry to write this but truth must out.

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