Trio: The Great Settlement

  • Unique Match 3 gameplay
  • Colorful critters
  • Save the Orbics!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 7.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 38

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Free the colorful and cute Orbics from their underground prisons, and build them a brand spanking new settlement! Earn gold coins to construct new homes, and create a paradise for the Orbics in Trio: The Great Settlement! Play through this unique Match 3 game on the planet of Orb, and renew a beautiful civilization on the verge of extinction. Collect trophies, meet new characters, and improve magical flying islands!


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Genre : Arcade & Action

Test your hand and eye skills with quick action and challenging levels.

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Trio: The Great Settlement
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Game Description:

Free the Orbics from their underground prisons and build them a brand new settlement! Earn gold coins to construct new homes.

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Trio: The Great Settlement game play Trio: The Great Settlement game play




Cartoon type characters and colours. I agree with some of the other comments made previously. This is different in concept. Cute but with an irritating story line interrupting play.

funny M3G

Very funny game. It is a different M3G. The story is nice and the figures are lovely. I like games that I have to build something like a village in this one. You have two games in one. The challenge to earn money and to build the city. I surely recommend it. The only thing I disliked (a little) is that there are too much dialogues every level, but it doens?t make the game boring.

Great idea, could do with a bit more development

The original thing about this game is the physics based element - instead of being fixed the blocks can move each other around a little, for example a pile of blocks can topple over, or a block can slide down the side of an obstacle. So it's a good thing there is an untimed version as you often need to wait and see what the blocks will do before deciding your next move. (Having said that, in some levels you still need to progress fast enough to prevent a lowering bar blocking things). I have tried purely physics based games and not got very far, so undoubtedly to making it part of a match 3 game was a great idea, however less chat, clearer instructions, and a genuine lack of time limit would be improvements. Some choice of what to build and where would have been nice, and although you're told to talk to and move the "Orbs" this seems to work only in a very limited way. I doubt if thi will every be a favourite game of mine, which is why I bought it on a special offer, but uit's certainly something different to keep having another try at.

Surprisingly Fun Little Game!

Storyline: There was a planet called "orc". On it were the inhabitants called "Orics". Then, night overcame the planet and orics were imprisoned underneath in a dark, dark cave. Your job is to go into that cave and free the Orics and build them houses, etc. Graphics: The graphics, while not great, were good. Clear, crisp colors. No problems seeing what you needed - and that was the color of the squares you needed to match. Sound: I tend to tune things out. So, I apologize for not having a good grasp on the sounds. I don't believe there was music as much as sound effects. Plips, plops, that sort of thing. Game Play: I found this to be an interesting way of playing a match 3 game (M3). There are boxes containing different colored "Orics". At the top of the screen is the "drop box" that drops different colored "Orics" down and you must move it to the left, center or right and let it drop. You win the level by rescuing all the Orics. As you get further into the game, you will have to work around obstacles. For instance, small "hills" and "bumps" that your Oric coming from the drop box will bump and fall into a different direction that the one you wanted. Just keep an eye out and you will do fine. I also came across a wall that you have to destroy by matching 3 colors. If you don't break down the wall AND rescue the Orics you won't pass the level. One thing I totally did not understand. Is when the conveyor belt on the right entered into the picture and started dropping colored "orics" into the game, why the alarm would sound (indicating you were too close to the "top" and the game would end, and suddenly game over. I had done nothing to jeopardize the game by letting my colored "orics" get too high so this totally confused me. It is for that reason, being confused, that I would not purchase this game for myself. However, this Glam-ma thought it was a wonderful game

Was ok until...

The slow, intreruptive storyline was manageable and the game play was cool. However, I didn't get half way through the game on untimed mode before I am unable to continue. At all. Stopped, Permanently. Why? I'm just not able and/or willing to deal with clicky-clicky levels of catch-the-bouncing-black-orbs. I did not get my money's worth out of this game and am extremely disappointed.

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