Vagrant Hearts

  • Incredible storyline
  • Fantastic action
  • Go on a wild adventure!
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 96

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Scarllet and Beatrice are about to start a journey that will change their lives forever in Vagrant Hearts! After their mother dies from a fatal illness, the two sisters have become extremely close. Discovering that Beatrice has developed the ability to cure people just by touching them, a special organization has sent out a guardian to take the sisters on a new adventure!


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Genre : Strategy

Master your fate with real-time simulation and role-playing games.

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Vagrant Hearts
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Game Description:

Scarllet and Beatrice are about to start a journey that will change their lives forever in Vagrant Hearts!

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Vagrant Hearts game play Vagrant Hearts game play

Good games don't require good graphics!

I'll start from the only negative aspect of this game, to get rid of it. The graphic quality is FAR below average, it seems a "90s" game, like Monkey Island or Larry Leisure. But, like those venerable games, VA is very good on several other aspects. The storyline is really good and you will find yourself quickly involved in it. The characters are well delineated with their positive and negative aspects. Level of challenge is good, and in the last levels, the game can be really tricky to beat. Last but not least... a poor graphics stimulates fantasy - and believe me, this is an excellent result for a game. Definitely recommended, I hope to see a sequel soon or late


It is so fun its for those people who like a challenge but not to much of a challenge its just so awesome you need to try it to experience the awesomeness!!!!!!!!

Good Role Playing Game

I enjoyed this game a lot. It reminded me of the Aveyond games. My only complaint is there wasn't a world map to look at and I was frequently confused about where I was. If you enjoy role playing games, you will like this one.

Take another look at this game

If you like RPGs but want a break from huge world maps with frequent backtracking and many sidequests, Vagrant Hearts will give you RPG gameplay without a lot of filler. Most of the dungeons and towns are fairly well designed and you get a decent choice of spells you can assign to different party members. If you enjoy the story of the two sisters, you'll probably want to consider Vagrant Hearts 2.

Pretty good RPG with some flaws

The good thing about this game is that it is a decent length, well worth the money. The story line is interesting and a little different. The not so good things are that there are no Quest log or map, I would think beginning RPG gamers will have a tough time with this. You also don't get to pick your party, instead for each quest it is chosen for you. Spells are partly earned with leveling, and partly by assigning "spell crests" to a character. Since characters change per quest, you may not have access to a certain spell all the time. There are also a few frustrating factors, like a tower with multiple levels that is just tedious (hint check the forum for a way to bypass this) and repetitious battles. Summary, not as good as Aveyond, but I will buy and play the second in the series.

Pretty good RPG game

Vagrant hearts is quite a good RPG game, though not of the same quality as Aveyond. The best thing in it is the story line. The graphics are a bit repetitive - most villages look very much alike, for example, and the inside of the buildings are quite similar too. Some places in the game get to be annoying, because you have to battle the same enemies over and over. And one thing that is frustrating is that you never know which of your characters are going to be in your party next, so that it's hard to adapt their equipment to the challenges you'll encounter. Another thing that is disappointing is that you don't find or win items that really make a difference for your characters. And there are no secret rooms, or hidden caches, so don't loose your time looking around too much. All in all, a pretty good game. Yes. But not in the same league as Aveyond.

Great Story, poor execution

Vagrant Hearts is a decent RPG. It has with the potential to be great, but falls short in technical areas. I really enjoy the storyline, which is the game?s saving grace. I do not usually get hung up on typos (I make plenty myself), but spelling and grammatical errors run rampant in this game. Things like the main character ?Scarllet? and shopkeepers in major cities who greet you with ?Me sell goods.? There are also problems with the graphics. A few characters still appear on a white rectangle instead of being integrated with the background. One character has a see-through spot on this forehead. I wound not normally care much about a few of these things, but they appear often and are big enough mistakes that they can be distracting from the action of the story. The story moves at a pretty good pace, there are no side-quests, and rarely a reason to return to a completed area. You level up appropriately pretty much just by playing through the story, only a few places have I wanted to level up just one or two more times before a big battle. Every monster reappears every time you exit a board. This is good for leveling up, but gets really annoying if you are not sure where you are going. You are always moving forward. Sometimes you are moving forward too fast. I will see treasure on a board when I enter a room, but trip a battle that advances the story without the opportunity to ever pick up the treasure. Many areas cannot be returned to once they are played. Story advancing battles frequently do not have a monster appear on the board but are just tripped by passing through the space so they cannot be avoided to gather treasure first. There typically is a save prompt a room or two before these battles though, which is a good warning to explore before continuing. There are 8 playable characters, but you only ever have 4 at a time. You cannot change which characters you have. This can make equipping everyone difficult. I never know when I?m going to switch over to the other characters, and ther

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