Vampires: Todd & Jessica's Story

  • Magnificent artwork
  • Fantastic gameplay
  • Mind-bending puzzles and mini-games
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU : 1.6 GHz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 8.1
  • Hard driver (MB) : 1265

Review for game: Vampires: Todd & Jessica's Story

Welcome to the world of magic, riddles, and unmanageable contradictions! Explore numerous breath-taking locations, collect vital objects, and solve mind-bending brain-teasers as you become witness to an extraordinary love story that’s sure to touch your heart and blow your mind! Is it possible for an earth-bound girl to fall for a vampire? Find out in Vampires: Todd & Jessica's Story.


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Genre : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.

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Vampires: Todd & Jessica's Story
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Game Description:

Explore an extraordinary and touching love story that will touch your heart and blow your mind!

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Vampires: Todd & Jessica's Story game play Vampires: Todd & Jessica's Story game play

Just what I like!

I played the demo and I will for sure be getting this game. the story line is inventive and new. Who doesn't like Vampires? The HOS's are basic but not always easy to find. There are two play modes the Expert only charges the hint and skip slower. You have to read the narrative but all in all I would say it is a smash hit. Others who are less experienced may find this more challenging but that is the whole point. I was very pleased that it wasn't so easy.

A good vampire game

I like vampire games. This was a good one. I had trouble trying to figure out what to do next. My time ran out before I could finish the demo. The graphics were good. I would recommend the game.

Short & Sweet vampire game

We really enjoyed this sweet vampire game ^o^. Wish it was longer :) The art graphics is really lovely and clean. Very consistent. The whole atmophere, and story matched with each other. Love to see, if this story gets extension game chronicles. The ending left a possibility of a part 2. Hope too see more in the near future.

Romantic/Macbre Adventure driven H0G with great attributes!....

I am just loving every moment of "Vampires: Todd & Jessica's Story" [based on some of the reviews, I didn't really expect to]!! Those fishies [players] only giving the game a few minutes are losing out on a very solid storyline... and just as with a book or good movie, you can't judge a game by a few minutes time IMO. Anyhoo, There were NO issues mentioned by others technically speaking for me in gameplay. Everything runs smoothly and although there are no voiceovers and other bells and whistles, the storyline is a wonderful, ageless one of true love. .... and, I hope true love triumphs! Sound is good and appropriate to the theme and scenes. The graphics are beautiful; with lots of attention to detail [little specks of dust floating by in the dungeon, insects, a ghost subtly emerging from the ground in the background of a rainy scene, etc.,] and there are a few very nice, unexpected cut scenes that are wonderful! The H0G scenes were very appropriate to the theme and content of the gameplay so as not to distract from coherence in the story. Because of this, the items may blend with environment.. I find that to be a pleasant challenge since, as an example, I would rather that than an item not relating to the game being thrown in for filler. All in all, so far an 'easy' game to play, but extremely enjoyable and relaxing, albeit, a bit creepy due to the theme; I hope there is a sequel... I missed demoing and purchasing this one when it first came out, just grabbed it on the Valentine's Day sale, and will keep my eyes open for the next chapter!!

I like it!!

The storyline is very good. It is a great storyline. The sounds are great. The music is good too, and fit's perfectly into the game. It's beautiful music. The graphics are good,

A exellent game about vampire

Music in game is mystical, story line is interesting . Nice game, very interest. I would be getting this game.

Based on Demo.

I like vampires games, and vimpire scenaries like a Twilight:) Good game with intresting gameplay. Beautiful graphics and relaxing music:) Awersome game with Bat catching, want this game in bonus content:) Well i get full game.

Fun vampire hiden object game

Fun to find stuff. Recommend playing this game it is awesome. play love it keep on playing it.


Jessica should have gone to Spec Savers. She noticed nothing odd about Todd. They guy is blue, for goodness sake! New devs here and they did a great job with this game. Very good graphics, bright and colourful, sharp and clear. No voice-overs and the dialogue is short and clickable. The music is just average. Those familiar with the Twilight series of movies may note some similarities. Not my cup of tea, but this is a game and I thought the story well told. The hint button is not directional, but there is a jump map and although it does not indicate active areas, only a handful are open at a time. So, no foot slogging. This is not a difficult game, it just has little help included, so you have to think for yourself. No wide screen but I do not expect that in a lone SE. The HOS are well done. Some interactive, some not. The puzzles are not head scratchers and rather fun, even for me who is not a puzzle lover. There is also a diary, but this is more to do with the story. Any codes and clues you get go directly into your inventory. Game has a combine function as well. A thing I have not seen before was silhouettes of the items you need to use on a particular puzzle, being outlined in the puzzle. Well, I did say little help, not no help. I kinda liked it. Pressing the hint button outside of the HOS will show you if there is anything you have missed, otherwise it tells you to move elsewhere. Simply using the map to explore the other areas always turns up something to help you progress. I failed to notice any difference between the 2 modes, so sparkles all round whichever you select. A very well rounded game with an ending that does not just suddenly finish the game, but takes it a step further and makes it very satisying, so you do not feel like someone just shut a door in your face. Cannot say for sure, but there may be a sequel. It took me 4 hrs and I enjoyed it very much. Thanks devs and BF. BTW, so glad we got a revision and are able to finish this. Well worth it.

A vampire game

This game plays like a large file game . A lot of the time you are left to figure it out but you do get little hints to find your way In the forest you are told to follow the bird. use your torch to find it and watch the direction it flies in then go that way . If you are only used to a hint button telling you what to do you may find the game harder to get used to . But stick with it its actually not bad at all .Vampires are not new in gaming but here is a vampire who falls in love wants to marry and be human again to the disgust of his brother .There is a map that opens up as you travel about and directional arrows The artwork is good the HO's not too often or too tiny There are some interesting challenges along the way I think you will either hate it or enjoy it I

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