Wonderland Solitaire

  • Colorful graphics
  • Magical upgrades
  • Stop the evil sorcerer
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/Win7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 34

Review for game: Wonderland Solitaire

The king of Wonderland suddenly died and the people must elect a new leader. Prince Argon is the residents of Wonderland's choice but the evil sorcerer Rasmos has other plans. The despicable sorcerer created a whirlwind, scattered all the residents of Wonderland and then conjured an army of skeletons in order to sway the ballet in his favor! The undead are able to vote in Wonderland elections so he will surely win! Gather up all of the missing residents for Prince Argon and help him win the election for the throne!


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Genre : Card & Board

Enjoy familiar favorites like solitaire, bingo, poker, dominos, and game shows.

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Wonderland Solitaire
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Stop the evil sorcerer Rasmos and help Prince Argon claim the throne!

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Wonderland Solitaire game play Wonderland Solitaire game play

Don't Bother

This game is more like a free app that you can download.Not worth buying.

I am enjoying it!

I enjoy up/down solitaire and I am enjoying this game. The cards and background are charming! No new ground broken here, but I'm okay with this game.


This game is a "spin off" of Fairie Solitare but comes no where near the level of challenge or story line. I am waiting for the 2nd Fairie Solitare, I want to see what happens. But Wonderland Solitare needs alot of work. I played the full hour because I like solitare, but Im sorry I do not recommend this one. Unless you just want to play a solitare game.

low level card game

I was looking for a card game for my young grandchildren and this might have made the grade had the colors been brighter. One of the big disadvantages was that at the end of each "game", you had to save and exit and then start anew. This is just a waste of time and virtually no challenge. If I had to recommend a similar game, I'd recommend "pirate solitaire"

Makes Me Wonder

This game makes me wonder what's happened to the quality of BigFish games lately. There have been too many games like this one and I'm concerned. This game would be acceptable as a FREE download for younger kids. It's a rehash - almost identical except for graphics - to so many of the solitaire games these days. It's definately not an adult game. It's definately not a new concept or even a decent twist on an old concept. It's absolutely not worth spending any money on. I cannot recomment this game because BigFish expects you to pay for it.

Not So Wonderful

Played the game for 40 minutes - got bored. This is just a run of the mill solitaire game. Graphics very cartoonlike and background music is unobtrusive. Storyline is the typical king dies, many successors thwarted by evil doer - you save the day. 10 lands to explore with each land comprising 10 games in the level. Each stage has an objective (earn 3000 points etc) and you have a shop to buy upgrades (extra wild cards etc). A different type of solitaire where you add to the master card at the botton of the screen. There are a variety of "challenges" - collect flower cards to unlock vine cards, collect the candy card to unlock the pink cards etc. The big negative is that there is no variety in the type of solitaire games. Very repetitive and nothing really to keep you engaged. If you like challenging solitaire games this is not for you. Also, there are a plethora of solitaire games of far better quality than this one to chose from.

Not-So Wonderful Solitaire

This review is based on the demo. This game reminds me of Faerie Solitaire but without some of the "frills" of that game. The game is laid out in the same way, with the same sorts of goals and the same ten-games-to-a-level layout. The goal/level menu even looks basically the same. I looked up this developer, but they don't seem to be the same ones who made Faerie Solitaire. Now, for the game. First of all, the cards are really hard on my eyes. They're really cute, but they're bright and for some reason (it's probably just me) I'm having a hard time distinguishing between the queen and the 9 card. They're not the same, but I guess I think "female character = queen card." The sound that the game makes when you click the cards gets old pretty fast, but you can turn off the sound, I guess. The music is fine and is more like background noise, so it didn't really bother me. The magic shop where you can buy powerups and whatnot doesn't really have anything that great. There are a couple of items to boost your score, but it feels very thrown together or done last minute. The layout of the screen is... odd. I feel like the stack of cards is way too far away from the playable cards, and I was moving my mouse a really long way and in a very unnatural pattern (almost like I had to stretch my hand too far to get to the pile). Playing in windowed mode helps that some. I did appreciate that there are choices in windowed mode as to how large you would like the game. I love solitaire games and this one is cute, but it feels like a ripoff of Faerie Solitaire, but it's missing the special something Faerie Solitaire had. It's not nearly as well polished, and the story is somewhat lacking.

Nothing To Write Home About

I love Solitaire games and enjoy playing playing them. This one I did not. Graphics are cheesy, music is annoying and the story line should never have been. This game needs to go back to the drawing board.

total faliur

what a failure, there is nothing good to say about this game. I wonder, who the game is for, not for adult, not for kids - Total waist of space on the computer

Wonderland Solitaire Cardgame

Grafic is as a children story.Easy to play.Okay for little chidren stating Solitaire games.It would be much more interesting for older children,if you could cancel the stupid help

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