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  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 1.4 GHz
  • Memory : 1024
  • DiretX : 7.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 73

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The wacky gophers are back in Word Whomp Underground and they`re ready to take back their land one word at a time! Help them collect acorns and spare parts for their underground drilling machines by spelling as many words as you can before time runs out. Each acorn will power their machines and help them drill their way to the nation`s Capitol to demand their land back!


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Genre : Arcade & Action

Test your hand and eye skills with quick action and challenging levels.

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Word Whomp Underground
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Game Description:

Help the wacky gophers collect acorns and spare parts for their underground drilling machines by spelling as many words as you can!

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Excellent game, except that there is no Untimed 'option'

I loved everything about this game, with the exception that you had to make 25-30 some odd words within thirty seconds, which is utterly ridiculous and FAR from entertaining. The game itself, with all of its characters and characteristics, is more than enough to immerse oneself in while exercising that part of the mind that gets the least of it. However, the Timer with its rushing you along, took all of the joy right out of the animated story-line and highly detailed graphics. BIG mistake!!! No sale here until they build in an Untimed option.

Gophers get a 10 for CCF factor (Cute, Challenging & Fun)!

I always thought of myself as a master speller at word scramble games, until I played this one. You have to spell as many 3, 4, 5 and 6-letter word combinations as you can with the letters you're given before your time runs out. You'd think it would be a piece o' cake (like I did), but it's not. I played this game as a demo and never beat the clock even once. So it's a definite buy for me. I GOTTA buy it just to try to beat it! The gophers are adorable! If you take too long to form a word, they start falling asleep! The music gets a little monotonous after awhile, but I just mute it. Some of the letter combinations used are words that I would consider slang and would never have thought of using as legitimate words. But the game doesn't necessarily follow the traditional rules that we adhered to as kids when we played Scrabble (okay, I'm aging myself here). Once you know that, though, I guess it's okay. I'm not sure I'd recommend it for kids. To me, it's a little hard. I can't even find all the letter combinations and I'm 56! But I may be underestimating the kids of today - LOL!! When your kids and grandkids have to show you how to use your new smartphone, you know you're getting old! This game is definitely a brain-teaser and should keep a person busy for awhile!

Love this but totally frustrating!!

I'm new to PC games, but enjoy doing word games, so thought I'd try this. It's SO frustrating because so many words are missing from the dictionary! I'm English, so don't use "Americanisms", but SO many words I enter, are not recognised and I hope if there is ever an updated version, the "inventor" will realise, that a more extensive dictionary should be used. I've bought 2 other word games now, that have a much better comprehensive array of words. Apart from that I love it. POLLY.

One of the BEST!!!

Love this game. The gophers are adorable and funny. Can't stop playing it. There are helps along the way if you need them. If you like word games this is a must have.

Really cute and fun word game

The gophers are really cute, but don't let that fool you, this game can be plenty challenging, too. You have to get all the words in each level to keep advancing, plus try to collect the bonus acorns to score extra points. Lots of fun!

This game drives me crazy!

It's a lot of fun to play, but there are many words I don't find because I've never heard of them. Like ort, tor, elan, and eclat. My gosh, I don't remember learning them in spelling class. Good grief, if you have to use the dictionary to find out what the words mean, it's not fun anymore.

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