World Wonderland

  • Challenging Mini Games
  • Build world-famous landmarks
  • 100 unique Match 3 levels
Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 256
  • DiretX : 9.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 35

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With unique and exciting gameplay, plentiful mini-games, fantastic graphics and music, World Wonderland brings you an incredibly entertaining experience. Alice plans to build a theme park where visitors can enjoy lots of world-famous landmarks. Now she needs your help! Pick up your mouse and earn as much money as possible by passing levels in this exciting Match 3 game. There are tons of levels waiting to challenge you, and plenty of world-famous buildings waiting to be constructed. Are you ready to help Alice?


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Genre : Match 3

Match or swap items into groups of 3 or more in wild and colorful settings.

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World Wonderland
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Ages: 3 YEARS & UP

Game Description:

Alice plans to build a theme park where visitors can enjoy lots of world-famous landmarks. Are you ready to help build her dreamland?

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World Wonderland game play World Wonderland game play

Mahjong hybrid

The style of play is like the Rivers variation in Mahjong, which happens to be one of my favourite variations. You match 2 tiles, linking them with 1, 2 or 3 lines. For example: 1 line could be two adjacent tiles inside the grid or across any distance horizontally and vertically as long as the path isn't blocked. 2 lines could be an L-shape. 3 lines could zig-zag or be like a U shape (but straighter). The difference is that in Mahjong, the matched tiles disappear and links become more strategic. In this game, the spaces fill up, as is typical of a matching game. Here you also have the customary chains to break, dark tiles that require two matches to clear them and items to unlock. I've only played the demo so far. In relaxed mode it is easy. The mini-games are nothing unique, and also easy. So far, spot the difference, a slider puzzle and memory game. In relaxed mode, this would be a very child-friendly game. A Mahjong/match 3 hybrid is certainly an interesting concept and something that could be developed on very successfully. I will buy this game because of the Mahjong Rivers likeness and to get more of a challenge in timed mode.

New sort of gameplay :)

I've played half the demo so far. I love that this is a new sort of gameplay! The basic matching scheme is like Crazy Eggs, but instead of just clearing the pieces, they fall downward and have power-ups like the usual match-3 games. I love new game types! I hate the music quality, so I had to shut that off. With the music off, the game sounds and board styles resemble UnWell Mel's, which is not bad.

Nice 'Match 2' Surprise

A really nice change in Match 3 games. I like different ways to play games instead of always the same old thing. The game really held my interest. I played the whole demo and am buying!

Not a typical Match 3, but a fun game

This is more like Rivers from the old Shanghai game than a typical Match 3, but it's a fun game. The boards get more challenging as you proceed, and there is the option of playing in Relaxed mode, for which I'm grateful. The visuals are good and clear, and the tiles are easily differentiated. The music is horrendous, however, and I turned it off almost immediately. There are a variety of easy (at least so far!) puzzles as you complete different structures. So far I've come across spot the differences, find the matching tiles, and rearrange the tiles to complete the picture. If you're willing to try something slightly different do give this game a try. I've bought it.

Play the demo with an open mind

... and play longer than 5 minutes. The mechanics are different than any other Match 3 I've ever played, and to be fair, this isn't really an M3 game. As someone said in the forum, this plays kind of like mahjong, with 'line of sight' matches and as the game progresses, it becomes more challenging. The graphics are clean and bright, and the game play is quite clever with mini-games in between such as a very simple jigsaw puzzle and a rather challenging find the difference. I'm sure those will become harder as the game progresses. I can't believe the horrible reviews for this game, most of them are terribly unfair since the person barely played for a few minutes. Like I said, try to keep an open mind and give it a little time to figure out. I think it's worth it.

pretty good

This is a match 2 game with old school cartoonish graphics There are two modes, relaxed & timed I did full demo in casual you match two symbols in 3 or less direct lines Earn coins to build famous landmark to build a rec park mini games-I had spot the difference & concentration in the demo-bonuses earned along the way for assistance on matching. The story is kinda lame, the graphics are cartoonish, along the line Big City adventure , there is really no challenge on first couple levels, then as with most games of the genre, it builds The puzzle/match formats can get complicated-good punch card filler, no gore or dark themes, nice time waster I recommend trying the demo first

pretty match 3

a relaxing M3 game. you build a scene for different countries around the world. played with no sound. not hard to beat each level and it is an unique twist on M3, where it is actually 2. you should try before you buy. you may not like it. i finished it and still am not sure how to pick and choose the pieces to match. definately different. after you finish all the levels you can go back and play more. the little sound i heard sounded repetitive.

Very Different and Very Challenging!

Whenever a game is given low reviews I'm impelled to try it for myself and see if I agree with all the comments. I feel this game has been given a bad rap by reviewers who are accustomed to the easy traditional M3 games. YES, this game is a match 2 (there are a couple others out there); YES this game requires a great deal of mental logic from the player to be played successfully; NO, it is not difficult to figure out how to play it IF you take the time at the beginning to set your options (and YES there is music volume control) and to always read the HELP section BEFORE beginning the game. Help isn't always Help-in many games it is the instructions, as it is in this game. I found myself wishing I could print the screens so to have the visuals of the possible match directions in front of me, but you do grasp those that are more difficult as you play along. The storyline is to rebuild the major tourist attractions of the world, which you do by earning coins during game play. The match 2 can be made by one, two or three connecting straight lines - this is where the mental logic comes in. Unlike M3, you need to try to 'see' the lines for these unusual matches. There are many power ups to earn and they are needed for the trickier tile locations. It can be played Timed or Relaxed, but at level 7 I was already running out of time, so that's when you switch to relaxed to get by that level. It does insert some other styles of mini-games that are also fun, and easier! I shall buy this game specifically because it DOES present a very different and unusual mental challenge, which most M3 games do not. Try it for yourself with an open mind and not trying to compare it to, or expecting it to be like, Match 3. I think you'll like the challenge!

WooHoo! Yes! It's Mahjong Rivers!!!!!

This is a fantastic game, and I bought it after about 10 minutes. When I read what others were saying, it started dawning on me that it sounded like Rivers, and it is! Years ago, I had a game called Kyodai Mahjong, and it had one play mode called Rivers, which became my favorite Mahjong game. It was played with a solid block of tiles, rather than the open layouts, but the play is the same. Maybe by the end of this it will be solid blocks. This is NOT a match 3 - it is mahjong. Sadly, it isn't appealing to the M3 players, and mahjong players may overlook it, if they don't like M3. I almost passed it by. The main difference from mahjong is that new tiles fall to replace the ones you took out, so it is kind of a hybrid between M3 and Rivers. But it is ORIGINAL and that is something sadly lacking in most of the games coming down the pike. I think the story is kind of lame, and the language stiff. But, who cares. The music is a smooth jazz track, and you can turn down the music separately from the sounds. I like the music, but different strokes. Starts out easy, so that you can learn to play, and moves into more complex layouts. There are plenty of powerups, and that will probably help in later levels. Try it, and you may find you like it. Don't let the bad reviews scare you off. It's a really good game!

World Wonderland

This is a different kind of match 3. You don't match 3 you match 2. The game will teach you how to match 2. It is very different when you are use to matching 3. It is something you have to get use to if you are use to playing match 3. I would recommend this game.

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